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Our trip to New York City! (Part 1)

Hiiiii! 🙂 Happy Friday!!!

For my birthday last month, Michael & I decided to take a quick trip to New York to go see my favorite show ever, Live with Kelly!!! I figured I would share all about our fun trip!


We flew out of Boston to New York (La Guardia Airport) which was only about a 45 minute flight, super fast! Once we landed we jumped in (my very first) crazy cab ride in the city and went to our hotel! We stayed at Hotel Beacon, which was in the Upper West Side right next to The Beacon Theater and super close to Central Park. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of our room or anything, but the bed was VERY comfortable! After we arrived to our hotel, we went searching for some food and found some Diner near us, so we just decided to eat there. (I cannot remember the name of the diner at all!) I had a garden salad with a side of fruit, and Michael had a Turkey Club Sandwich. After eating, we walked around a bit and went back to the hotel room to grab my jacket since it was getting a bit chilly out! We wanted to go check out Central Park, but it was like 9PM, so I wasn’t too sure if we should go there or not. But, we met up with a couple (a Disbride sister of mine!) that lives in NY and they walked with us over there! After hanging around there for a little while, we walked back to our room and passed out!

The next morning was MY BIRTHDAY! We woke up around 5:30 to get ready for Live with Kelly!! We headed over to the studio around 6:30 to get in line! We had priority tickets, and we were about the 7th party in line if I had to guess. There was a food truck that offered us free coffee, and I think they had bagels and danishes too. Michael got us a coffee to share since it was a little chilly that early in the morning.

A little after 7:30ish they let us inside to wait in another line, but at least we were inside! There was a booth with Live with Kelly products, and of course I had to buy a bunch of stuff!! I was SO SO excited, it felt like forever waiting to see Kelly!!! IMG_7364

By 8:30 they let us inside!!! I WAS SO EXCITED! The front rows were reserved, so we couldn’t sit there but I think we chose a good spot! I had my “It’s My Birthday” sign with me, and I was determined to take a picture with Kelly no matter what!!

Once 9:00 came, Kelly and Jussie Smollett (her guest cohost for the day) came out and I was jumping up and down with excitement!!! I couldn’t believe I was there! The show got started, and Jussie said, “Do you know what today is? It’s tax day.” I of course held up my sign and said “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!” They acknowledged that it was my birthday on LIVE TV!!!! Guys, we were on TV! It was so exciting!! My mom actually took pictures of the TV as she was watching because the camera was in my face the whole show! We were shown most of the time when they cut to commercial break!

It was an amazing experience, but what made it even BETTER was when Kelly walked out to the crowd during the 3rd or 4th commercial break and I shouted “I love you Kelly! Take a picture with the birthday girl!!!” She looked at me and said “yes! Come down here for a picture!!!!!” AHHHH! I was so excited!!! I got to take a selfie with Kelly!! I was totally shaking, I told her she is so perfect and that I tell my hairdresser to make my hair like hers..haha!!


Ummmmm….BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!! 🙂 🙂


Stay tuned for Part 2 of our New York trip!

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