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Our Trip to New York (Part 2)

Hi!! It’s finally the weekend!!! Here is part 2 of our New York trip! Check out my first post about New York if you haven’t read that one yet! 😉

After Live with Kelly, we wandered into the Kate Spade store to look at all the pretty things! We were both starving by the time we got out of the show, so we walked back toward our hotel and ate at Viand Cafe which is right next to Hotel Beacon. I had a fruit bowl & a toasted English muffin, Michael had eggs, toast, & bacon! Once we ate, we both had to charge our phones so we went back to our hotel room for a little while. Once our phones were charged up, we started our walk to the Empire State Building! I enjoyed walking around New York; being able to walk everywhere was so awesome! (I wish we could do that at home, but you really have to go to park to walk outside.)
The Empire State Building was a bit further than we expected, and unfortunately by the time we got there I had so many blisters on the backs of my feet, but we made it!

Every time I see the inside of the Empire State Building I think of Elf! Does that happen to anyone else?!

We waited like an hour and a half to get to the 86th floor since each elevator ride had a very long wait, but on the 80th floor we just took the stairs up 6 floors so we could get to the observatory deck! It was amazing!

Once we went downstairs, we ate lunch at the State Grill & Bar since it was right inside the Empire State Building. I had a garden salad, Michael had the fried chicken sandwich. Our food was very yummy, and they had some delicious pickles on the side of Michael’s sandwich that I stole. 😉 haha

After eating, we jumped in a cab and went to Times Square. It was very chaotic and crammed with lots of people. I HAD to get to the Disney Store and have some magic added to my birthday! I bought my nephews some cute shirts and cute Mickeys.


Next up, we went to the M&M store and took some pictures in the Photo Booth there, then walked to the Plaza Hotel. On our way, we had to stop and take pictures!


(Notice my flip flops? We had to stop at a Hollister along the way so I could grab some because my poor feet were full of blisters!!!)IMG_7548

Next up on our agenda, Serendipity 3!! We hopped in a bicycle carriage type thing…SO FUN! We zoomed in between cars and got there in no time, and took a few blurry pictures along the way!


Once we got to Serendipity, I had to take a picture in front of the building!


It was quite small in there, but I loved it! The menus were very large, and the tables are small…haha! We LOVED the food and dessert there! IMG_7556IMG_7558IMG_7560

I got the fruit salad (without cottage cheese) which was PERFECT!! Michael got a cheddar burger with bacon and fries with a side of mashed potatoes. We also got the fresh fruit sundae, and my husband told our waiter that it was my birthday so when he brought out the sundae he lit a candle and sang happy birthday to me!! It was so awesome!!! The sundae was scrumptious!!!

img_7561.jpgIMG_7564IMG_7568IMG_7569IMG_7577After dinner, we took a cab back to our hotel room since we are exhausted from the nonstop day we just had!! My birthday was definitely one for the books! 🙂 The next day we woke up and headed out for breakfast.


We walked to Good Enough to Eat, which was a cute little restaurant/bar that offered some delicious home cooking! We drank a lot of coffee and ate so much food!! I got a fruit salad and whole wheat toast, Michael got eggs that came with home fries, toast, and bacon. He also got pancakes, which came with STRAWBERRY BUTTER! I stole a couple bites of pancakes from his plate, because they were looking SO yummy! Their whole wheat toast was thick and delicious, as were their pancakes!


With full bellies, we walked back to the hotel to pack up our stuff, get in our last (and crazy) cab ride, and head to the airport!


It was an AMAZING quick trip to New York to celebrate my birthday!! 🙂


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