Sundays are for running

Hi! Happy Sunday!!! 🙂 Today is when my “weekend” officially starts since the store isn’t open Sunday & Monday! I must say, I am happy, the sun is out and I got to spend some time this morning with my nephews snuggling them up and playing with them! And, to top it off, I am listening to the Wishes Soundtrack from Disney’s Wishes!! Is anyone else just as sad as I am about it ending? 🙁 But, just as Disney always does, I am sure Happily Ever After will be even better!! (I can’t wait to see it!!!)

Today I’m going to share a bit about fitness and my workouts! I used to go to a gym close to our place everyday, but then I purchased my own treadmill so I no longer go to the gym and just use the treadmill here! (Super convenient!) We have a small room in our place, so I call that my “workout room”, it’s perfect! I love having my own treadmill because I literally can run/walk anytime I want, in my jammies too! I don’t usually run outside, especially since I never know what the weather is going to be like here! (And I wouldn’t want to run alone with all of the horror stories I’ve been hearing on the news!) I pretty much run or walk everyday, and either do abs and arms or legs and booty toning workouts! (I somewhat follow the Tone It Up workouts) I love doing HIIT Interval runs/walks on the treadmill, and love mixing it up! I enjoy yoga, especially when I am super sore. I actually just bought a new yoga mat at TJMaxx a couple weeks ago since I was terribly overdue for a new one, like falling apart all over, whoops! I love my new one, it is so encouraging and motivating!! Unfortunately I didn’t even pay attention to the brand, but they had a bunch of yoga mats there!

Along with my daily workouts, I signed up to run the Disney Princess 10K in February, and that will be my first ever race!! I am super excited! I actually signed up for this past years race, but we didn’t make it down. (Michael gets “disney’ed out”..that silly man!) So I will be adding in more running in a couple months when I officially start training for the race! 🙂

I am also studying to become a certified personal trainer through NASM! I have been studying for months now, and plan to take the exam in July. It is SO much to learn, and most of it is new to me so it gets overwhelming at times. I am trying to pace myself and study a little at a time so I am not overloaded. I actually almost gave up, but Michael, my parents, and some of my amazing Disbride sisters encouraged me to keep going! AND, I am rewarding myself (and Michael) with a trip to Disney World mid July, so I better pass that test and kick butt!! 😉

Anyways, since this is called Running In Tiaras I am going to give you (if anyone is reading 😉 ) a glimpse into what I do, so I figured I would share my workouts on here. I usually work out first thing in the morning; when I was teaching I would wake up at 5 or 5:30, but now since I don’t have to be at our store until later, I wake up around 6 or 6:30. (I am a morning person, and the thought of waking up right away gets me out of bed!) I chug a water and take another water bottle with me while I workout, gotta stay hydrated people!!! My workouts can last anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, or hour and a half depending on how much time I have and how I am feeling! Fun fact: I actually read on my kindle while I run on the treadmill! Today on my schedule was a 3-4 mile run, its Sunday Runday after all!! I ran 4 miles. That took me about 35 minutes with a 5 minute cool down at the end. I wasn’t running for time or speed, I just wanted to run! After that, I did some light stretching and was done! Your workouts don’t have to take up a lot of time if you don’t have it, just put some music on and move your body! Getting in any type of workout always cheers me up and gives me a clear mind to tackle each day, I promise it will do the same for you!

Enjoy your weekend! Ill be back with another post tomorrow! 🙂

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