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My Disney Fairytale Beginning (Engagement) 

In honor of Disney’s Fairytale Weddings Special last night on Freeform, and since our wedding anniversary is coming up (YAY!), I wanted to share my own Fairytale and share all about our engagement!!

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I grew up on Disney…my family would take us every year (and it just so happened to be that we would always go for my birthday since it always fell on school vacation week!) I LOVE everything Disney…fairytales, tiaras, princesses, the magic, you name it and I love it. Ever since I was a little girl I would say “I want to get married in the Wedding Pavilion at the Grand Floridian”, and I would say this during every single trip. I am sure my parents were so sick of hearing this, and sick of seeing dollar signs in their mind whenever I said this haha! Disney is my true happy place, and it’s where I can be my child-like, tiara wearing self and not be judged by it!


There are some people that do not like Disney as much as me, and some people who have never even been to Disney…gasp! (how could that be!?) Meet: my husband, Michael.

Now tell me, does this look like a man who DOESN’T like Disney World?! No way!

Michael and I met in the 8th grade when we both happened to win “Best Looking” for our school yearbook superlative. It’s funny to think about it now, because we see 8th graders and think to ourselves omg how we were that young and “in love”?! 😉 We started “dating”, but in the 8th grade; our dates included trips to the movies and going to the mall. *Fun (and funny) Fact: I snuck around behind my parents’ backs for many years to see him, they didn’t really want me hanging around him or anything, he was quite the bad boy.* I switched half way through our freshman year of high school to a different school (due to bullies), so we would try to see each other as much as possible on Friday and Saturday nights at the movies. This continued probably up until sophomore year of high school when he was introduced to my family and would come over and hangout. We went to our junior and senior proms together, and were totally in love. Then college came, we both started at a community college; we drove together, and even had some of the same classes. I studied early childhood education, and he was in a totally different major so these classes we had together didn’t last long. We took our first trip to Disney together back in early September of 2010! It was the best time to go for Michael’s first trip because we had no waits for any rides! We went again in 2012 and 2013 and then I think he suddenly got how deep my love for Disney is! (And have been going “too many times” since, as he would say)

Micahel’s first time in Disney World! 2010
Breakfast at the Crystal Palace in 2012!
Epcot in 2012! (YES, I have naturally curly hair!)

Fast forward to 2015, by this time we were together for almost 10 years, and of course I was itching for an engagement! But, I didn’t think it would ever happen because whenever I brought it up to him his response was always, “what’s the rush?”. So I gave up on it, and thought he would commit mayyyybe in another 10 years (haha!) In January of ’15 we went to Disney World with my family and had the most SPECIAL trip ever! We met my parents and my brother at the airport (my sister and her family were already in Disney) and were so excited to be going all together!!!


During our vacation, we stayed in the GORGEOUS 3 bedroom villa at the Grand Floridian so we had the most perfect view of the Wedding Pavilion, so of course I kept reminding everyone that I wanted to get married there. Literally, any chance I had at telling cast members, characters, etc. that I was someday going to get married in the Wedding Pavilion, I told them! By the third night there Michael seemed so fed up with my wedding talk that he said to me (right before bed) “Just drop it. We aren’t going to get married. You need to let it go.” Oh my goodness! Can you imagine my face at that second!!?? I was completely devastated, went to sleep so upset, and woke up determined to not open my mouth about my “dream wedding” for the rest of the trip. What I didn’t know, is that my amazing Mom and Dad were keeping a big big secret from me!! The morning of January 14, Michael and I went to breakfast at The Grand Floridian Cafe at the Grand Floridian (my favorite!), and went back to our villa to find my family all in their custom “family” shirts for a family photo that we were all going to take. Michael & I quickly changed into our shirts too, and off we went to take a family photo outside. After our photo, my dad was like “Let’s all walk to the Wedding Pavilion!” I was totally NOT in the mood to go inside my dream wedding location when Michael just told me we are not ever getting married! So, I was leading the way into the Wedding Pavilion (saying many more curse words than I like to admit to) and in total awe of how BEAUTIFUL it really is inside! As I walked all the way up to the big window to see the view of Cinderella’s Castle, thinking everyone was up there with me, I heard Michael Buble’s song Feeling Good (my favorite) playing (thanks to my dad), and my thoughts were “oh great, they are practicing for a real wedding”…then I turned around saying “oh my god” due to the beauty of the Castle, but was SHOCKED with what I saw! Michael was on his knee and my whole family was standing around with their phones and cameras!! I instantly started bawling, screaming, and saying “is this real life?!” I could not believe it was actually happening!! I was in dream land for the rest of the vacation, I could not believe it…I FINALLY HAD A FIANCE!

I uploaded our engagement video to YouTube, please keep in mind it is an iPhone recording and was recorded by someone in my family as it was happening!! (Don’t mind my screams, and sobs!) Here is the link to watch!

Right before we headed to take our Family Photo! (I had NO idea what was about to happen!)
After the proposal!
Outside of the Wedding Pavilion
The night of our engagement, inside the Grand Floridian!
…notice my Tiara!? 😉
Just Engaged!

I plan to write a whole Blog Series on our wedding planning, and all that fun stuff including everything leading up to our AMAZING wedding day!! 🙂

I hope you all (if anyone besides my family is reading, HI GUYS!!) are having a fabulous Monday! Let’s kick this week of with a great start!! Did you get your workout in today?! I most certainly did…I joined in for the Tone It Up HIIT Sweaty Sandy workout, followed by a 30 minute run/walk! It was a great way to start off the week! Be back tomorrow! Xoxo

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