Why is it so cold in May!?

Hi! How was everyone’s Monday?! I spent the morning with my sister and my sweet nephews, and then spent the day with Michael! It’s a bit chilly here (and windy) but I still had to get an Unsweetened Iced Green Tea from Starbucks*Fun fact: I get a large black coffee every morning from Dunkin Donuts, and sometimes get a green tea during the day at Starbucks too! Gotta show my love for both right!?*  

Yes, I am wearing my jacket in May…something is wrong with that!

Last night I was feeling a bit discouraged about my NASM test studying. I’ve been trying to study as much as possible but my mind just feels kind of overloaded. (I signed up for the self-study course which provides me with an online portal with quizzes and practice tests, as well as a newly added very intense study guide). Like I said previously, a lot of this information is new to me, and sometimes I doubt myself. But, my husband was encouraging me (like always) to keep studying, and even if I don’t pass the test the first time at least I am giving it my all. Thanks babe! I just don’t want to fail. I hate failing. I feel like time is running out (I have a little more than a month left to study) But at least I am trying my best. That’s all I can do right?!


 Anyways, lets talk fitness! This morning started bright and early at 6:30 as I woke up and got my workout in! Today included a 35 minute incline walk, then I did the new Sunshine Sculpt workout video from Tone It Up. I liked this workout; it combined a bit of yoga with sculpting moves, and bonus: it was a quick 14 minutes! 

Now I just ate breakfast (whoops, no picture, but it was an English muffin, egg whites & fruit! Always!) and sipped my Dunkin’ coffee (with a straw) while watching Live with Kelly and Ryan!

We are actually going on vacation (woohoo!!) next week and I noticed my teeth weren’t as white as I would like, and since I have a couple left over Crest White Strips from November, I’ve been trying to keep my teeth white as much as I can, so…I’m drinking my coffees with a straw! I should really invest in one of those koffie straws that Julie uses!

Alright so I LOVE Kelly Ripa (see my 1st NY birthday post!), and I am so happy that she chose Ryan Seacrest as her co host! I love them together! They are so cute and seem like they are true friends, I love it!! 

Anyways, time for me to get to work! I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! Be kind and put a smile on your face! 🙂

Be back tomorrow! Xoxo

Your Turn! Tell me about you!

  • What is your favorite Starbucks or Dunkin’ drink?
  • Do you like Live with Kelly and Ryan?

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