Being Happy Never Goes Out Of Style (TOL 1)


Lots of things happened yesterday that made me happy, and since I talked a little about happiness in my last post, I thought I could Think Out Loud with Amanda today about what makes me happy!!



  • Getting in a good workout to start the day! I began with the 5 moves for todays daily workout on Tone It Up which consisted of: squat jacks, squats, row to press, twist & punch, and high kick. I did each move 15 times for 3 rounds. After that, I hopped on the treadmill for a total of 40 minutes…I ran 2.5 miles and walked on an incline for the remaining time. Once I was finished with everything, I stretched…I am super sore today.
  • Getting flowers at work from my mama! Last week and this week has kind of been a little stressful, so I was so surprised! (I brought her flowers this past weekend, great minds think alike! Hi mama!)


  • Watching Aladdin with my guy 😉 (see, he secretly loves Disney too)

  • Hanging out with my cousin (Hi Linz!!), getting an Unsweetened Iced Green Tea at Starbucks and laughing at taking silly pictures with fun SnapChat filters!


  • Speaking of tea, my sister came to the store yesterday afternoon and brought me one! 🙂 (Thank youuuu!!!!!)

  • Looking at pictures from our vacation back in August at Delray Beach, Florida!
THIS is the best. We couldn’t stop laughing because the flash was SO bright in our eyes while we were laying on the beach one night. Haha!!
  • Playing with my nephews!! These two brighten up my world. They melt my heart every single time I see them! I swear they get cuter by the second!!
My little booboo Enzo!!
My boo Gio!!
This picture of Gio is just TOO cute to not share; he loves Uncle Michael! (This was on Easter when we also celebrated my birthday with my fan!)
I mean, could he get any cuter!?!?
  • These amazing people!!! 🙂 🙂 My family!!
Throwback to our wedding ceremony rehearsal 😉


  • Eating my FAVORITE kind of apples! (Gala) I eat like two or three apples a day, yum!

  • Getting ready for VACATION!!! Woohoo!! I can’t wait to see palm trees, the beach, and feel the sun shining on my face!


  • Our Disney Trip in July!!! I got the confirmation email for our upcoming trip this past weekend, and when I saw that I was jumping up and down with excitement!!! I can’t wait!!!


  • Reminiscing on our wedding! Our one year anniversary is coming up next week (OMG did it go by fast!) and I can’t help but look through our wedding pictures every single day 😉


I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday, with lots of happiness included! 🙂 Be back tomorrow! Xoxo

Your turn! Tell me….what makes you happy? 

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