Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!


I am super excited that it’s Friday for a bunch of reasons: we actually get a 3 day weekend, it’s the weekend before vacation, AND it’s exactly one week away from our one year anniversary!! Woo hoo!!

Today I am sharing some of my Friday Favorites! 🙂

1. Watching the Wishes fireworks at the Magic Kingdom live on YouTube 🙁 Like I said in a previous post, I am so sad that Wishes is ending. I can’t even tell you how many videos and pictures I have of that fireworks show on my phone! I have SO many amazing memories of watching this with my family, and with Michael. Of course, to make it even better last night, I was wearing my Wishes Farewell shirt while watching, and crying a little.

2. My Micro G Assert 6 running sneakers by Under Armour.  I have tried others but nothing else can compare to these, I swear they are the only ones that haven’t given me blisters and that don’t hurt my feet!

3. ALLLL the gala apples. Really, I could have bought them all 🙂

4. The new summer lip duets from Merle Norman! I was so excited that I LOVED all of the new colors that just came out, and I LOVE that there is a lip stick on one side and lip gloss on the other! The colors are Miami, Maui, and Waikiki…all equally gorgeous on everyone!


5. Michael Bublé’s Nobody But Me album. We have been listening to it a lot at work and my love for it gets bigger and bigger each time we do.

6. Enchanted…I’m telling you, I think I watch this AT LEAST once a week! This is for sure a favorite of mine. I dance and sing along throughout the whole entire movie, and get eye rolls from my husband as I sing…thanks babe 😉

7. I’ve been on the hunt for a good dry shampoo. I swear I’ve tried about 9 of them, and each one I’ve tried seems to either make my hair greasier or smells bad. Since I do workout everyday and don’t want to wash my hair that often, I need a good one!! Well, the other day I bought some Kerasilk Repower Volume Dry Shampoo, and I think I have finally found something that smells good, and doesn’t make my hair all nasty!

8. These boys! OMG! I can’t even deal with the cuteness!!

9. Obv, Unsweetened Green Tea from Starbucks & Coffee from Dunkin!


10. My brother graduating from college this weekend. OMG. When did this happen??!!! Why is time going by so fast?!

Throwback to the time we had SO much fun on the train at (what used to be) Downtown Disney!


I’m definitely looking forward to this weekend; I have lots to do to get ready for vacation, and with the graduation and mother’s day, I’m sure it will be a busy one! I’m actually feeling a cold coming on, but I hope I can fight it because I don’t have time for this!! Boooo!!!

I hope you all have a great FriYAY! Xoxo

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

  1. You are TOO cute!! And ok, I absolutely need to go check out that dry shampoo now! Thanks for the recommendation!! Have a FABULOUS weekend, Kayla! 🙂

  2. Hi Kay ! I’m enjoying your blog! Proud of you and love you! You sparkle every day with your beautiful smile and energy !
    God bless😘

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