My Mama

A mother holds her daughter’s hand for a short while, but holds her heart forever.

14570469_10154114497082831_164539764985416353_nWhen I was younger I would cry when I had to go to school and leave my mama. I wanted to be with her every second of every day. I adored her beauty. I admired her kindness. I was comforted by her love. I never wanted to leave her side.

And as the years went on…

I finally stopped crying at school. I slowly started to grow up. (and still have a lot more growing up to do) And although I no longer need to be with my mama every second, I still adore her beauty, I still admire her kindness, and I am still comforted by her love.


My Mama is one of a kind. She taught me to love. She taught me to be kind. She taught me to be me. She taught me to put on makeup each day when I would watch her on the counter in my baby seat. She taught me to trust in God, and to never doubt His love for me. She taught me to believe in myself. She taught me to never stop dreaming and to never ever give up on those dreams.


…And she always believes in me. She always encourages me. She always loves me. She is always on my side.


Like any mother daughter relationship, we both have our not-so-nice moments. But we always make up. We always hug it out and move on. We always love each other no matter what. And we still remain the best of friends. I don’t know where I would be without my mama!


Happy Mother’s Day to my Mama! I love you always and forever!  

*This post features photos from our wedding day, captured by our amazing photographer Randy Chapman*

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