A very fun filled weekend!

Hi!! Happy Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was great!

Today I am linking my post up with Katie to join in on the MIMM party to share all about my weekend!! Thanks for hosting, Katie!!

Saturday was a bittersweet day seeing my brother Lucas graduate from college! I wasn’t kidding the other day when I said I still think of him as a sweet little boy! I had lots of fun with Michael trying to keep my nephews busy while we waited, and waited, for them to call Lukie’s name! Gio ate some popcorn and we sure had lots of fun being silly.

I tried to snap a picture of my brother as he was on stage with his hands in the air, but since my phone doesn’t take the best of photos, it’s not a very good one, but I like it anyway!

Woohoo!! Lukie did it!

We left at the end, had a little time in between dinner to just come home and relax a bit. Then we headed to dinner at 110 Grill & Bar, which is a newer restaurant in the area. My dad actually called ahead (a day or two before) to reserve our dinner here for the 15 of us, which they said they could accommodate. He even brought my brother’s cake earlier in the day for them to bring out for dessert. BUT, upon arrival, they told us that we would have to wait because they had seated a party in the room we were supposed to have. That was a little frustrating for everyone, especially since we had called ahead and there isn’t really a large amount of space (at all) to wait in there. (We couldn’t wait outside since it was raining). This at least gave us time to take pictures with the Graduate!!!

After about 30/35 minutes, we finally got our table. We had two waiters, who seemed very happy to help us. I think one was a bit new to waiting tables and might have been a little overwhelmed by the size (and moods) of our table. The other waitress was extremely nice, she was actually one of best waitress’s I’ve had! It just took quite a longer time than we wanted to actually get some bread on the table, about 20 minutes. Our spirits were raised a little when we were finally served our drinks (and bread). I had a glass of Moscato, and Michael had a Gin & Tonic. Cheers!

Unfortunately, I ordered the Summer Seasonal Salad for dinner…which is served with arugula, strawberries, candied walnuts, and goat cheese with a strawberry champagne vinaigrette… but I asked for romaine lettuce instead of arugula, and no goat cheese. Also I asked for a side of steamed vegetables. Michael ordered grilled chicken with steamed vegetables and rice. Michael had to leave early, so I took his food to go. I didn’t get what I asked for, and neither did he. When they brought my “salad” out, it was a plate with romaine lettuce. NOTHING else?!? I was so confused. I told them I asked for the summer seasonal salad but no cheese and swap for romaine lettuce. They brought it back out with two pieces of strawberries on it. That was a waste. My broccoli also came out with butter and I think garlic on it, when I just asked for it plain steamed. So they remade the broccoli. But, no big deal, our waitress was very apologetic and it was fine. Michael’s food was mixed up too, he was given french fries instead of rice. Anyways, it was a fabulous time with my family, and my nephews were SO well behaved!

Once we were all done with dinner, our waitress brought out Lukie’s cake! It was marble cake with best cream frosting from our local Hannaford.

Congratulations Lucas!

Then it was time for Lukie to open his presents! My sister, brother in law, Michael & I all got him a combined present. It was the BEST! Mickey ears graduation hat, and a Mickey snow globe that we had engraved with his name and the saying: Go out there and do amazing things!!!

It was a GREAT day!!

Sunday was a very special day, Mother’s Day!! It was a somewhat chill day, as I seem to have a cold and it’s making me feel not so great. I went to my parent’s house so I could give my Mama hugs and have her open her present! She seemed to love the picture frame that had a picture of us from my wedding day, and a silly coffee mug I gave her. One side of the mug says “Mom I love you and…” the other side says “I’m sorry your other kids aren’t as awesome as me”. It made me laugh out loud in The Paper Store when I saw it, so I just knew I had to get it for my Mama! 😉

I also went to see my sister and my nephews so I could give my sister her Mother’s Day present! I made her a photo book using CVS Photo! I had so much fun making it for her, looking through all of the pictures of my nephews and seeing how much they are growing makes me so happy! I can’t help but take more pictures of my cutie boo today too!


The rest of the day was spent curled up on the couch with Michael, watching Miss USA while wearing my tiara (thanks for watching with me babe!), and relaxing! It was a perfect rainy Sunday if you ask me! Did anyone else watch Miss USA?! I am so excited D.C. won! She was my pick right away!

Today is going to be a day of pampering and getting ready for our vacation!! I am getting my hair done this morning (yay!). I was supposed to get my nails done this afternoon, but I might reschedule for tomorrow. (I’m kind of feeling pretty yucky today due to this cold) I already got my workout in this morning; I hopped on the treadmill for a 35 minute incline walk, and did the Tone It Up daily moves which were ab exercises today! (I did each move 15 times for 3 rounds.) I really hope to pack today too, because I don’t want to wait until the night before like usual. I always seem to wait until I feel completely overloaded with my to-do list the day before vacation! Does anyone else do this too?!?  Hopefully this cold goes away soon, I really don’t want to travel like this…blah! I’m sure the sunshine will help with that though 😉

I hope you all have a fabulous day!! Xoxo

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