Knowing you are loved

Hi friends! Busy day ahead as I get ready to leave for our anniversary vacation tomorrow! I did get a bunch done yesterday like I had hoped, but I still have lots to do today. Of course, I already got in a great workout this morning: I did the new Tone It Up Booty Burn video (without a band since I don’t have one..yet), performed the 5 daily moves 15 times each for a total of 3 rounds, then hopped on the treadmill for a 20 minute run!

I briefly wanted to talk today about something I’ve been thinking about since watching Joel Osteen’s show on Lifetime this past Sunday.  I would love to say that I actually GO to church every week, but I usually listen to him every Sunday if not more. (Did you know he has a channel on Sirius XM Radio?) Anyway, the last episode was “Knowing you are loved”. Knowing that no mistake is great enough to cancel out God’s love for you. This made me realize, once again, that no matter what, in God’s eyes you are enough. You are loved. You are amazing. And, you are important. Sometimes we can feel like we are always trying to be better to prove ourselves, always searching for acceptance, or always searching for some “sign” to show us that we are doing the “right thing”.  But, no matter what, despite your sins and despite your performance, He is already proud of you, you are already perfect, and you are already enough. God loves you just the way you are. Stop trying to prove yourself. Stop trying to measure up to what you think is worthy enough of His love. He already loves you. You are already enough to be loved unconditionally.

This message was certainly a reminder to me that I am enough, I am loved, and I am already perfect in God’s eyes!  I think it’s important to have these reminders, because sometimes I feel like I already know all of this. But, it’s good to feed your soul, listen, read, and pray. I hope you all know that you are loved, you are enough, and you are perfect in His eyes…today and always! 

Enjoy your day!! I will be back tomorrow for a quick post before our VACATION! 🙂 Xoxo

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