Some thoughts for Thursday! (TOL 2)

Ok, I was joking. I’m popping back in today to link up with Amanda to join in on the Thinking Out Loud fun!! 🙂 I have some thoughts after our first day of vacation!

  • I HATE flying. Like, panic attack hate it. It’s kind of funny because I’m the one that keeps wanting to go. It’s like I’m torturing myself or something. BUT, we had the best flight down to Florida! We usually sit towards the back of the plane, but we had row 4 and even though it was such a great flight, the bumps during the landing weren’t bad, and I think it had something to do with being in the front. I think that the front of the plane will be my preferred area from now on!
  • We ate breakfast early at Beerworks in the airport, and they had NO fruit. Can you imagine?! Au Bon Pain didn’t even have fruit either. 🙁 good thing I had a banana in my bag! *Fun fact: I am the crazy lady that packs loads and loads of food/snacks when traveling, it comes in handy a lot!*
  • I LOVE being with my husband. (He works a lot so vacations are a must)
  • I also LOVE laying in the sunshine. It’s so hot, but I love it! (And of course, I am applying a lot of sunscreen! Don’t worry Mama 😉 )
  • I am totally pampering myself….I got a blow out last night at a blow dry bar (review when I get back home), I’m getting a pedicure this morning, and I scheduled another blow out before we head out to the airport Friday for part 2 of our vacation!

I went to the hotel fitness center this morning and hopped on the elliptical then the treadmill, both for 20 minutes each, now I’m just getting ready to head downstairs for some breakfast, then heading to my pedicure appointment! Michael & I will probably be alternating between the beach and the pool all day! 🙂 I will try to have another post up for tomorrow! (Since it will be our one year anniversary!!) And, I double pinky promise I will have MANY posts filled with reviews of everything when we return home in one week! Enjoy your day!! Xoxo

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