Last day in Delray Beach & arriving in the Bahamas!

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!! I’m popping in today to share some more about our vacation! 😉

Our last day in Delray Beach, Florida was actually our one year anniversary!

We woke up and headed straight to my (2nd) shampoo/blow dry appointment at Cloud 10 Blow Dry Bar! I am obsessed!! It is so beautiful in there, and my stylist, Ty, who I had both times is so sweet! I wish I lived down there so I could go more often! (Actually, that could be dangerous…I would probably go every other day) I tried to snap a few pictures in there without being too annoying about it, whoops!

After my blow out, we went to eat at the hotel breakfast buffet (where my hair frizzed from sitting outside), check out, and head on over to the Ft. Lauderdale airport to return our rental car, and catch our flight to Nassau, Bahamas! We were rushing around like maniacs because we didn’t leave ourselves enough time, and Michael actually ended up forgetting his sweatshirt in our rental car. (Sorry babe) Don’t ever not leave yourself enough time to relax and not rush around at the airport…especially the Ft. Lauderdale airport! Ah!!


I absolutely love flying to the Bahamas, the view from the plane window is breathtaking! That water is just so turquoise blue…absolutely stunning!! We actually went to the Bahamas and stayed at Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort last year for our honeymoon, but had a very disappointing, and unhappy experience. And not to mention they literally had no fruit last year; can you imagine the horror!?! We wanted to go back to the Bahamas for this vacation to celebrate our one year anniversary, but was skeptical of going elsewhere because of bad/not so good reviews of many resorts around Nassau. After much research, I decided that Sandals seemed like the best option for us since we wanted all inclusive, a butler, couples/adults only, etc. I decided to call to book our reservation and hoped that the person I spoke to would be understanding of our unfortunate honeymoon. The woman on the phone was more than happy to help me with booking, and said she made note of everything I was telling her (I am almost “vegan”, I most definitely want fruit and vegetables, as well as our bad experience last year). I requested male butlers, because I noticed that a lot of the male butlers were much nicer last year than who we had on our honeymoon, and she also said she could put note in there that we were celebrating our anniversary. Also, since we are Sandals Select Members, we got a little discount too for returning!

Once landing in the Bahamas you have to go through customs which took well over an hour (omg), then we got to check in at the Sandals desk in the airport where we were greeted by a very nice, smiling lady who was happy to help us with our bags and check us in. This was already a completely different experience than last year, which we were pleasantly surprised at the awesome customer service already! We were picked up outside in our private Rolls Royce for our ride over and were very very excited!! Woohoo!


The second we got out of the car we were greeted by one of our butlers, De’Angelo. He greeted us with a big smile and handshake, a cool cloth for our hands, and ushered us into the butler quarters to check in. It was a very nice check in process; we got to relax on a couch while our butler was at his computer doing everything for us. There was a jar filled with sugar cookies, and a bowl filled with apples on a table in front of us, Michael actually was talking about those cookies before we arrived! 😉 Once check in was done, we were escorted to our beautiful room in the Windsor building. We were in room 1205 on the second floor. We purchased a Windsor One Bedroom Butler Royal Suite, which was very spacious; we had a living room, a kitchen area with a table, a large bedroom, and a very spacious bathroom with separate his/her sinks and closets, and a big bathtub/shower! (We got the same type of room last year too, but it was not as clean and had a smell to it, but this time our room was extremely clean and smelt nice.) De’Angelo poured us champagne and talked to us about our needs and wants for the vacation, as well as what was planned for the week to come! I discussed with him how we would appreciate it if they could accommodate us not liking seafood at all, and me loving fruits and vegetables. Of course, he said he would bring us fruit and vegetable cups each mid-afternoon for a snack…umm perfect!!! For the time there we had two butlers, De’Angelo and Rohan. They were both equally amazing in different ways; De’Angelo actually had to work a double one day and never ever showed nothing but a smile on his face! Our butlers booked our dinner reservations each night, unpacked our luggage, reserved our pool chairs daily, left us cards in our room, made our bed romantic each day with towel animals and roses, checked on us at least 5 times a day, ordered and brought us pizza at the pool, put in our room service orders and brought it to our room, brought us drinks we wanted, went across the street to buy us vanilla vodka because the resort didn’t offer it, walked us to dinner each night, AND took our picture every single night before/during dinner..can you say AMAZING!!?? Our butlers TRULY went above and beyond for us, they were the ones that made our vacation as amazing as it was. We literally could not even believe how perfect everything was!! We were so thankful for all they had done for us, and left them each a tip at the end that we thought was a very nice one! *Sandals does not allow tipping, with the exception of butlers.* The butlers discuss this with you at check in, and also asked that you wait until the end of the vacation to tip them so you can give them what you think they deserve. Even though they don’t allow it, sometimes it helps a little bit to secretly give your server, bartender, or any worker a dollar (or more) who you feel is giving you good service, etc. just to let them know that you appreciate them, we found ourselves doing that a lot more this time!

Stay tuned for more! I figured I would break up the posts about our spectacular experience at Sandals, because there is a lot I want to write about! 🙂 Xoxo

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