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Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day everyone!! Thank you to all of the heroes who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom! God Bless You All!!!

I’m taking a break today from my vacation posts to share how my weekend is going! It is for sure a fabulous one, and it still isn’t even over! 😉

Friday after work I went over my sister’s house to hangout with her and play with my nephews. I brought them each a donut with sprinkles like I usually do. (My sister nicknamed me the donut queen! Haha!) They are just the sweetest boys ever and I swear, they get bigger each day! I tell Gio that he can never get bigger than me or too big where I can’t pick him up anymore, or he will have to pick me up instead! (I never want that day to come!)

Friday night Michael was working, so it was pretty chill over here. I watched The Holiday (one of my favorites!!) and snuggled in bed!

Saturday started with a workout, and work for a couple hours, then after I got to spend the day with Michael! It is always a fabulous day when I get to spend it with him! 🙂 His iPhone screen broke completely so he wasn’t even able to use it, so I ended up making an appointment for us at Apple to see if he could get it fixed. We hung out at home before heading to the mall. The Apple Store at the Solomon Pond Mall had amazing customer service! We were waiting around for about 20 minutes, and during that time three workers came up to us and asked if we were being helped, which made us feel important. We were able to leave his phone to get a new screen and were told we could pick it up in 40 minutes, so we walked around the mall and of course, headed to Starbucks

I had my usual and Michael had a cold brew coffee! I also got Bare Apple Chips for us to munch on! (I love these things!)

We went to the food court to feed Michael’s Chinese food craving and wait for his phone to be done. While he was eating, I sucked down my iced green tea, and was very sad when it was all gone. I swear, I could drink 3 of these a day!

On our way back to Apple, we stopped at Teavana because they had iced tea outside for us to try called “Beach Bellini”. OMG it was so delicious! I instantly knew I must have that tea in my life! I’ve never been inside of a Teavana store before, so I asked for some help as to how it all works! The worker showed me how they make their tea in the Teavana Perfectea Maker, and explained how and where their tea comes from, she was super helpful. I ended up purchasing one pink Perfectea Maker for one, some Beach Bellini Tea, and a teaspoon!!

The rest of the night was spent relaxing, and watching a few shows on our DVR. We watched Chicago PD and Shark Tank.

Sunday morning I woke up and did a body weight cardio & abs circuit that I made up as I went along, then hopped on the treadmill and ran 1 mile. I went to the grocery store with my dad.  *fun fact: we usually do this every weekend!*  I must admit I love going with him!

My brother and his girlfriend (hi guys!) were going to the Red Sox game in the afternoon, and they had 2 extra tickets so Michael and I ended up going last minute!!! It was so fun! I haven’t been to a Red Sox game in so long!!

Did you know Wally has a sister!?! Her name is Tessie….we were so excited to see them when they came out!

It was much cooler and windier in Boston than at home, so I was freezing! I should have known better to bring a sweatshirt with me. We ended up leaving at the bottom of the 4th inning and went to grab some food. Michael got an Italian sausage with peppers and ketchup to eat inside Fenway Park. He ate it so fast, it must have tasted really good!

We walked to Panera Bread because it was close to the parking garage we parked at, and because I love Panera! I ordered the strawberry poppyseed salad without chicken and an apple, and Michael got a steak sandwich with chips. *fun fact: I make my own Strawberry Poppyseed salad at home every single day for dinner, they sell the Panera poppyseed dressing at Target!!!!* 

Mmmm delicious!!!

After we ate, we drove home. I of course had a dance party in the car while I drove and Michael fell asleep….it never fails. It was such a fun afternoon spent at Fenway Park! 🙂 I spent the rest of the day relaxing, catching up on a few Real Housewives of New York City shows, and watching Chicago Justice with Michael. 🙂

Today started with a workout of course! I ran 3.5 miles on my treadmill, then did some light stretching and forearm planks. (You know, I love my planks!) After my workout was done, I cleaned our place and dusted a bunch. *Confession: I haven’t dusted since before we left for our vacation 2 weeks ago, and I have been meaning to do it since we got home on Wednesday! Ah!! Now I’m watching Live with Kelly and Ryan while drinking my black Dunkin’ coffee! Mmmmmm yummy!

I’m not sure what today will bring, it is supposed to be gross and rainy here today…bummer! So maybe Michael & I will get to the movies, since there are a few I have been wanting to see!  I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day! Be back tomorrow! Xoxo

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