Random thoughts for Thursday (TOL 4)

Hi! How is everyone’s week going so far? I feel like it is totally dragging, shouldn’t it be Saturday already?! I’m more than ready for the weekend.

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  • These past two days I’ve been waking up feeling like I want to go back to sleep. Blah. I hate it. Do you have days like that too? I hope to shake this off soon, whatever it is.
  • But, have no fear! I got in a good workout this morning and I got my large Dunkin’ coffee!

(I need to get my nails done, in a bad way)

  • I saw the commercial last night for Beauty & The Beast! It is coming out on DVD June 6! I am so excited!!! Now I can watch it all the time! (You’re welcome, Michael) 
  • A mid-day Starbucks run was so needed yesterday. I got my usual, and my Mama got a cold brew. Mmmm! I swear, I drank this thing in like 10 minutes.

  • I went to my sister’s house yesterday when I got out of work. I had lots of fun playing with these two cuties 🙂

  • I actually got to snuggle with Gio for a good two minutes, it was glorious! I so miss those days when he was younger and would sit with me…now he just runs and runs and hardly ever stops for even one second!
  • There was a GIGANTIC spider on my laptop case at work yesterday. I picked the case up off the floor and totally ran and screamed. Omg.
  • I really miss vacation. I miss laying in the sun all day and I mostly miss being with my husband all day. 🙁

Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses, hat and outdoor

Can’t I just go back to this moment?!

  • Speaking of the sun, it is finally shining today!! I know more rain is in our future this weekend, but I’ll take as much as we can get around here!
  • 48 days until Disney! WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!

Okay, I think that is enough randomness for one day. I hope you all have a fabulous day! Be back tomorrow! Xoxo

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