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Dinners in the Bahamas (Food Part 2)

Hi everyone!! It’s Saturday!! Woohoo!!

I woke up with an annoying headache, so I was hoping a workout would help it go away. I checked Tone It Up to see what the daily workout is, and luckily it was a yoga day! I didn’t want to wait until their live feed later, so I followed their last live Yoga Tone Workout video. I also did my own cardio and abs circuit afterwards for about 30 minutes, then ran one mile.

My weekend starts once work is over at 3 today! I am definitely looking forward to it; I am getting my nails done, hope to have lots of playtime with my nephews, a Target run needs to happen, and hopefully Michael & I are able to go see Wonder Woman!!

Today’s post is part 2 of our eats during our time spent at Sandals Royal Bahamian! Missed Part 1, that’s ok! Go check it out ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our third night was beautiful. Our butlers De’Angelo and Rohan made us a reservation at The Crystal Room.



It is absolutely gorgeous in there, as it is one of their fancier restaurants; there is a huge crystal chandelier, and a piano in the corner. They play romantic love songs throughout the night, and it sort of is super quiet in there…you bet I was the loudest one during dinner. Haha (Sorry, babe) It’s dark in there, so it wasn’t the best atmosphere for pictures. I ordered a glass of champagne, and Michael ordered the signature cocktail which was something with Gin. We also were given some warm bread.

For appetizers, Michael ordered their cream of garlic soup, and I ordered their bruschetta without shrimp. Mmmmmm their bruschetta is so delicious!!!


For dinner, I ordered a salad with balsamic vinegar on the side, and a side of their mixed vegetables. Michael ordered the chargrilled chicken & chorizo souvlaki that came with vegetables and rice.


After dinner, we went to the Royal Theater to watch the art/dance show that the entertainment staff had going on. The artist’s name is Preston, he is amazing!! I really enjoyed the show, the dancers were great! We even got to hang out with Peter again! Yay!


(Super bright flash makes for squinty eyes!)

Upon returning to our room, we had a hilarious surprise waiting for us done by our butler Rohan!!!! Our bedroom door was shut, the TV was on, and this is what we walked into…


How awesome!!?!!?!

Our fourth night there our butlers made us a reservation at Kimono’s restaurant, hibachi!! Before dinner we caught the most gorgeous sunset!!! We actually had a mini photo shoot done by our butler Rohan, I brought along the Once Upon A Time keepsake from the Disney Parks App that I bought, and put a picture from our wedding day in it! ๐Ÿ™‚


Luckily, we had a whole table to ourselves at dinner with just one other couple. Our chef was named Phillip, who we had last year too. He is THE BEST! We were singing, and really having the time of our lives! He was more than happy to accommodate me being a vegetarian/sort of vegan. He actually remembered us from last year, which was surprising since he sees lots of people. We love him! For our appetizers, I ordered their salad, and Michael ordered their pot stickers. For drinks, I ordered a glass of champagne and Michael ordered their signature cocktail that had some saki, cherry, and pineapple..something like that. He loved it!!


As we were eating our appetizers, the chef got started with cooking our food. I love hibachi! Since it was just us and another couple, we all got extra food ๐Ÿ™‚ My plate was filled with the vegetables and rice. Michael’s plate was filled with rice, vegetables, chicken and steak. (The meat was added after the picture) The chef cooks the meat after the rice and vegetables, and since we don’t like fish, he waited until all of the other food was cooked to begin cooking the fish. Everything was excellent!!!


Onto dessert, it was some type of fruit filled fried crepe type thing. I stole Michael’s raspberries and whipped cream. (Thanks, babe)18740097_10154723455167831_5277540423399447237_n.jpg

After dessert, it was time for the guys of the table to take some saki bombs! (Us girls didn’t want to participate in that, too hot for us) We asked if our amazing chef would do join in, as well as our waitress, and since I guess they can’t say no to their guests, they participated. Before they drank it, we were singing “Feeling Hot Hot Hot” (So fun!!!)


Once we were done with dinner, we headed to the fire pits. A Piano Man was playing the piano outside there and singing songs, so there was a lot of people out there that night. I loved this so much, he played a bunch of Frank Sinatra and more oldies songs that I sang along to. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Afterwards, we went to the Piano Bar to get some drinks, where we met an awesome bartender named Pamela. She made me a delicious champagne with a splash of Chambord, and a bunch of cherries, and Michael got a glass of “Fluffy’s rum” which is a house made rum. (He says if you are there and like rum, ask for it!) We also saw Jason, one of our favorites from the entertainment team! We hung out with him for a while, took some shots that Pamela made us which tasted delicious, and went to sit at the fire pits again.


When we arrived back at our room, our butler Rohan surprised us with a beautiful set up on our bed. It was SO romantic!!!


The next morning, Rohan acted like Michael ran upstairs during the night when I was getting a bit too tipsy and arranged this. ๐Ÿ˜‰ SO sweet!!!!

Stay tuned for part 3!! I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Xoxo

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