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Our last night at Sandals (Food Part 3)

Happy Sunday, friends! I don’t know what’s going on today over here, but I do know that I already got in a great workout this morning…I ran 3.5 miles, walked .5 then did some planks! Now I am watching Joel Osteen on Lifetime, drinking my Dunkin’ coffee, about to make breakfast, and ready for whatever the day has to bring!

To wrap up my food posts from vacation, this post will be all about what our final night at Sandals Royal Bahamian looked like! Missed Part 1 or Part 2?

Our last night in the Bahamas was a great one. Our butler made us reservations for Baccarat, another one of their fancier restaurants. But, of course beforehand we had to take pictures.


Once we were seated by our butler, De’Angelo, I ordered a glass of champagne and Michael ordered the signature cocktail which was a chocolate martini type drink, it was so yummy. The rim of the glass was drizzled with chocolate, so naturally I was licking his glass. Haha 😉



Our waiter’s name was Philip, and he was very nice! We liked him a lot, he was very attentive to us and didn’t fret when I was being difficult with my ordering, of course. As if we hadn’t taken enough pictures throughout the week, we sure did take a lot during dinner. I kept saying “picture!”, or “selfie!” because I never wanted to forget all of the fun times we’ve been having. Do you ever do that or feel that way too?



We were served warm bread with butters (one looked like chocolate but I guess it was olives, can you imagine if I ate a whole spoonful of that, because I was going to before I knew what it was!!) I ordered a salad with balsamic vinegar and a side of vegetables, and Michael ordered a salad to start, and a steak filet with mashed potatoes and vegetables. The lighting was awful for pictures, so I apologize in advance for the lighting in some of these! There was a tiny light on each table so I had Michael pick it up and hold it near the food for the pictures, he’s so nice!


And for dessert, we had some type of apple tart. Yum!!! 18699931_10154723459002831_5365359325365929849_n.jpg

After dinner, we headed to the Royal Theater to catch some of the Celtics game, and had a couple drinks with another couple. (Well, the guys had some drinks, I’ve had enough champagne from drinking it all week, lol!) There was a DJ in there with a bunch of people dancing. When Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud came on, I looked at Michael and said “Let’s dance!!” 🙂 We danced and it brought back great memories from our wedding night. We ended the night by the fire pits, like every other night there.

When returning to our room, we had a VERY romantic surprise from our butler De’Angelo! Towel animals, fresh flowers and roses, and special Anniversary cards!


So sweet!!! 🙂

The next morning, we sadly went to our last breakfast at Spices for their delicious buffet. Our plates looked similar to every other day there, and I savored every bite because I know nothing tastes this good back at home. Booooo!


I was very very sad that we were leaving, we took one last stroll along the beach and took some more pictures, obviously.


And a picture with one of our butlers, De’Angelo!! 🙂 And one in front of our Rolls Royce transportation with our (unpictured) favorite driver, Marky Mark!!



Please note: There were lots and lots of snacks in between our meals that have gone undocumented, so I didn’t post every bite that we ate during our trip. 

Stay tuned for more about our trip to Sandals! I hope you all have a fantastic day!!! Xoxo

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