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Working out while on vacation

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday!! How is everyone’s week going? It’s another rainy day here, blah. But, I guess we can always make our own sunshine, right?!

Beauty & The Beast comes out on DVD today!! Is anyone else as excited as I am? ūüôā

To get my day started off on the right track, I ran 3 miles this morning, then did 15 reps of the 5 moves for 3 rounds from the Sunset Sweat routine on Tone It Up. Woohoooo!

Today I wanted to chat a little bit about working out while on vacation. As I wrote before, I worked out in Delray Beach at the hotel fitness center, and I did work out while in the Bahamas.

The penthouse fitness center at Sandals Royal Bahamian is GORGEOUS! It is¬†floor to ceiling windows facing the¬†ocean. I tried to snap a few pictures while in there, but I was only able to take pictures of a few treadmills and the view out the window since I didn’t want to take a picture of other people getting their sweat on. (I would totally look like a creep!!) There are other machines, weights, and they also offer classes. To put it lightly, I was¬†definitely¬†enjoying my run¬†while watching the ocean waves crash against the sand. I couldn’t help but listen to the Moana soundtrack on repeat too!!


I am much more laid back with working out while on vacation than I am at home. I workout every day when I am home, and I usually am a grump if I don’t, but when I am on vacation I don’t feel the¬†need¬†to get¬†one in every single day of the trip. Sometimes it changes depending where I am, but in the Bahamas I was totally laid back and just enjoying my time with my husband,¬†and not worrying about having to workout. I did get to the fitness center a couple times, but that was¬†only on days my internal alarm clock woke me up before 7am and I was ready to go. Lol!

I usually make sure the resorts we stay at have¬†fitness centers, just to make sure that we¬†will have access to one while away. Luckily, when we go to Disney we usually stay at a DVC resort, and they all have fitness centers!¬†I must say though, this was my¬†favorite¬†one ever. I have never had the chance to run on the treadmill and stare at the beautiful blue ocean water, and I so wish I could look at that view every single day when I workout. Wouldn’t that be nice?!¬†Being active and working out is a priority for me, and I feel my best when I am doing something for myself¬†and for my body.

I¬†still eat healthy, which is always my goal, but don’t get me wrong, I still like¬†to enjoy myself while on vacation. Drinking champagne and having fruity daiquiris every day is not a normal occurrence around here, but I was completely relaxed and just loving life. And you should too!!


Cheers to¬†not beating yourself up if you don’t workout everyday while on vacation!

I hope you all have a fabulous day! Be kind and SPARKLE! Xoxoxo

Do you like to workout everyday while on vacation?

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