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Thursday Thoughts (TOL 5)

Hi friends!! Happy Thursday! I’m sharing some random thoughts today to join in on Amanda’s party to Think Out Loud!


  • This morning I woke up ready for the day earlier than usual, and couldn’t fall back asleep. I took that as a sign to get my bum out of bed and get my fitness on! Today was an interval workout mixing cardio, abs, arms, and more cardio…lasting about 45 minutes today. Woohoooo!
  • The SUN is shining! We are supposed to have some sunny and warmer days ahead! I am excited about that!
  • My Dunkin’ coffee tastes extra good today…Mmmmm!

  • I have a feeling I will be watching Beauty & The Beast again tonight, anyone else?!
  • I’ve been wearing my hair curly, or whatever you wanna call it, only because I feel like I’ve been straightening it way too much. My hair is naturally curly, but it used to be so much curlier than it is now. I think it’s now just a bunch of frizz. Lol!img_9013
  • Yesterday, I was bombarded with ALL the rude people. I swear, some people are just so rude and so mean and are just a bunch of grumps. Ugh!! Unfortunately I let it get to me, and it was not such a good day, but no more!!!
  • I am so thankful for THIS MAN 🙂 My husband! Since I had let the grumpy & rude old people get to me, it could have made the rest of the day horrible, but instead he cheered me up, made me laugh so hard I was crying, and always always treats me like a princess. Thanks handsome, I love you!!


  • Studying for this NASM test is NO JOKE. It is so hard. I know I keep saying this, but I really am struggling.


  • I pray today is a much better day! And I hope you all have a FABULOUS day!!! Xoxo

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