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Good morning & happy Friday! Once again, I am SO ready for the weekend. We are supposed to have some hot days (for us) around here, and I am so looking forward to it!

This morning started in a fight with my treadmill. I have a NordicTrack that I bought from Sears two years ago, and I promise you last year and now this year when my warranty is up, my treadmill starts making LOUD noises and doesn’t work properly. So, I had to buy the plan again, but last year I called & emailed to put in a claim for someone to come out and fix it, but guess what? They never came. I am really hoping someone can come out and fix it this year, or I will be one unhappy girl around here. What is the point of paying for this warranty anyways if no one can help you?

Anyways, I still managed to get a workout in despite my stupid treadmill.  Since I didn’t want to break it completely, I walked on an incline for 45 minutes, and then got down on my yoga mat for a bunch of plank variations to end my workout.

I can’t wait for our Disney trip! I have been planning our week out, and have scored all of the reservations for breakfast and dinner that I wanted! I did have to stalk My Disney Experience App on my phone over and over again, but I was able to get reservations for everything on my “must-do” list!! Woo hoo! Michael does want to get in some fishing time, so I probably will schedule spa services for myself while he does that, or have some solo park time!! 😉 We are getting anniversary pictures taken with our wedding photographer, Randy Chapman, (who is THE BEST by the way) and I have been searching for a dress to wear, I found one that looks amazing on Lulus that I am going to get, hoping I love it just as much on me as I do online!

A Starbucks run was needed yesterday. Mmmm! img_9029

After work I went over my sister’s house! I had so much fun with my nephews, we watched a little of Ghostbusters (Gio’s latest fav movie), played, and got lots of snuggle time in!!! I love going there, it helps fills that void from not teaching anymore, I miss being with little kiddos!!

But oh my goodness!! How sweet are these boys!?! Seriously, my heart is so full from them!! So sweet!!! 


I didn’t watch Beauty & The Beast again last night like I had thought, because Michael was home. Instead, I got to spend some time with him!! (Always better!) I think I will be watching (and dancing and singing along) tonight though! Does anyone else dance and sing along to ALL Disney movies, or is it just me?!? LOL! 

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday!! Xoxo

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