Smile! It’s Saturday!

Helloooo friends!! Happy SATURDAY! My weekend starts once my workday is done at 3, and I am (once again) looking forward to it!

Yesterday, I went to my sisters house after work…with donuts in hand for my nephews!


We spent lots of time playing and reading. I love that Gio is at the age where he is into books, and “reads” along with me! His favorite is Jack and the Beanstalk, which is one of my favorites to read because it’s so fun! Fee fi fo fum…




Michael got to come home for dinner in between work, and of course I put on Beauty & the Beast 🙂 He would probably tell you that I am such “a little girl” especially while watching this, since I twirl and dance and sing along, but that’s just me! He can laugh at me all he wants (and believe me, he does) I like to remind him that he’s the one that married me 😉

A fight with my treadmill did not happen this morning, I swear it knows that I purchased the warranty so the noises aren’t as bad as they were yesterday, and I was actually able to run 3 miles on it this morning! Yippee!! While running, I read over the study guide for the NASM exam. Once I was done my run, I hopped off the treadmill, looked at Tone it Up for inspiration, got onto my yoga mat for jump squats, standing side crunches, burpees with plank jacks, bridge dips, & alternating leg raise crunches. I did each 15 times, for 3 rounds. Now, I am ready for the day! Wooo!


It’s a hot one out there today, I so wish I was laying in the sun on a beach somewhere!e3b704a85f0f003237a9e4ac7b69a6ba

I hope you all have a fantastic day!! Xoxo

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