Letting it all go

Hi guys! Happy Sunday!! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

I’ve had a constant headache since Friday night 🙁 I think it is because I haven’t slept well these past few nights, seeing as it was so hot and sticky in our place (we didn’t have the air condition put in yet), and I have been stressing out about silly little things, but now it’s the weekend and I don’t have time for stress! And, thanks to my amazing husband, he put the AC in this morning when he got home! Thanks babe! 


I just wanted to pop in and give you all a little bit of inspiration to maybe slow down, enjoy your Sunday and truly enjoy your life. Maybe you need to stop and realize how amazing your life is, or realize how blessed you are. Are you going through something where it seems impossible to feel this gratefulness? Is stress making it hard to see what is amazing in your life? There has to be something to be thankful for, something (or someone) that you were blessed with that you can thank God for…even if it is just ONE thing. I hope you can find that one thing, and I hope you can find it in you to let go of any of that stress or negativity in your life, just for today…I promise it will still be there in the morning if you want to go back to it.

I am letting go of it all today, as I know I am so extremely blessed in my life.



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