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Tuesdays feel like Mondays

Hey everyone!! I hope you are are having a great week so far! Sadly the weekend is over me for, and I have to head back to work today. It’s always tough when it’s Tuesday again, it totally feels like a Monday to me. Is it Saturday yet? Lol joking 😉

I literally cannot keep my hands out of my hair. Whether I am twirling it or just running my fingers through it, I am totally in love with how soft it feels. Does anyone else feel this way too after getting their hair done?! 

After posting yesterday, the rest of my afternoon ended up being great; I got to spend some time with my hubby once he got out of work for a few hours! We headed to Target to get some goodies, and of course had to get Starbucks once we were done shopping to get some iced green tea! Yay!


Green tea & hubby time=One happy happy girl! 🙂

It hasn’t happened that often these days that I get to hang with my hubs, so when I do, I try to soak up every second. Later on, when it was back to more “me time”, I caught up on a couple Southern Charm episodes, including the newest one that was on last night. I have always loved this show. Cameran is my forever favorite, I just adore her!!!

I had the worst time trying to fall asleep last night. Usually I am grandma status over here (no shame) and fall asleep sometimes before 10:00, but last night my body was just not tired.  I probably could have ran on the treadmill that’s how much energy I had. I finally turned over to “try” to fall asleep at 11, but once Michael got in bed a bit later, I finally fell asleep. Let me tell you, I did not sleep well at all. I kept waking up thinking I was late for something. Don’t you hate that?!?

This morning I surprisingly woke up not as tired as I had expected, and went full speed ahead into my workout. I checked Tone It Up to see what they had on the schedule today, and followed along. I did their 20 minute Brand New Beach Babe 5 Mashup Workout that was fun (and sweaty)…it’s a total body workout that has different moves from a bunch of their Beach Babe 5 videos all compiled into one video. I hopped on the treadmill after that to run 2 miles, then got down on my yoga mat for some stretching. Yippeeee! Workout=done!

Have a fabulous Tuesday, friends!!! Xoxo

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