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My Disney Fairytale Wedding (The planning fun)

Hi friends!! Happy hump day!!! Today started like any other day, with a workout! I ran 2.5 miles, and then did a mix up of cardio & ab exercises to finish it off. 🙂

Since it’s Wednesday, I am continuing my wedding posts to share all about our Disney World Wedding! Missed some of our story? Find them here: Our proposal, our site visit.

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After coming home from our site visit in April of 2015, we had a month to wait until we could secure our wedding date with Disney Fairytale Weddings; the whole waiting game was no fun. Finally, a couple days after May 22, our wedding coordinator Pam called me to let me know that May 22 was not available for our reception in the Whitehall Room & Patio like we had wanted, because there was a convention going on that booked every ballroom at the Grand Floridian. She suggested that we could still get married at the Wedding Pavilion and then have our reception anywhere but at the Grand Floridian, but I wasn’t too pleased with that idea. Pam told me other dates that were available and let me think discuss it with Michael and my parents. Since we also wanted to have our rehearsal dinner at the Contemporary Resort the day before our wedding, we had to make sure that was available also. After playing with some dates we realized that having our rehearsal dinner on Wednesday, May 18 and our wedding on Thursday, May 19 actually could work out! Yippee! We had our official wedding date! May 19!!

Once we decided on dates and times for all of our celebrations, Pam sent over our contract. It was a fun event at my parents’ house that night signing the contract and sending the deposit for OUR WEDDING! Ahh!!! (Mama was there too, she took the picture haha)

After Disney received our deposit and our contract, the planning fun had officially begun! We were contacted by our wedding planner, Amy Baker. Amy is such a sweetheart, I loved her so much! She sent us a planning kit to fill out prior to your planning session, which is 6 months before your wedding date. Your planning kit covers everything from the food you want to taste at your planning session, to what characters you wish to have at your wedding…it covers ALL things about what you wish your wedding to be! I looked to the Disbrides community for advice, recommendations, and inspiration to help plan our wedding, which immensely helped.

Now, if you remember in my last post about the “struggles” of committing to a Disney wedding, we were concerned about the budget. The best thing about Disney Fairytale Weddings is that they give you a price for every single thing. You of course have to meet minimums in order to get married on a certain day, but you realistically can stay within your budget. Once you have a budget, you can realistically go through everything and figure out what you can and can’t have at your wedding if you want to stay within that budget. (For instance: do you want to spend close to $3,000 for Cinderella’s coach? Or do you want to spend it somewhere else and get the horse landau for close to $2,000?) Even though I would have loved to have Cinderella’s coach, I chose the horse landau which in my opinion was absolutely beautiful. Every day I found myself adding up numbers and pricing everything to make sure I was sticking with that budget!!

We had a whole 6 months before our planning session, so I had lots to do, but had lots of time to do it! I looked to the Disbride community for a photographer and videographer, because Disney’s was insanely pricey. Thankfully, Lisa (our own Fairy Godmother) provides a list of recommended vendors on Disbrides, which brought me to who we picked, Randy Chapman! Randy had a package deal with Stan Severance from STVS, so it worked perfectly! I got both Randy for our photos and Stan for our video, and I am so happy we did! 🙂 I am so grateful to Lisa for providing us with such great vendors, because if it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have had professional pictures or a video. (Or we would have went well over our budget). We made a photo session with Randy for when we went down to Disney for our planning session in November to get to know him. The second we started taking pictures with him, we knew he was totally our photographer!!

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We also were in search of an officiant who had similar Christian values. Disney Fairytale Weddings gives you a list of preferred officiants, and that is how we found Pastor Kirk Bane. I sent emails back and forth with him and his wife, scheduling a time for us to meet during when we went down for our planning session. Right when we met him, we knew he was the one that was going to marry us! 🙂

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Now, onto our planning session…Disney treats you like absolute royalty during your planning session and menu tasting. Upon arriving at Franck’s Studio I instantly felt all giddy inside…I couldn’t believe that we were there to plan our wedding that was just 6 months away!

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Amy told us that Planning Sessions typically can take up to 4-6 hours, which is why we had our menu tasting many hours later in the day. Luckily, I knew exactly what we wanted and knew our vision for our wedding (since I have been obsessively adding up prices and making sure it all was within our budget lol!). It went pretty fast with Amy, and while we were waiting for our florist Elizabeth to join us, we tasted some cake!! The cake flavors we chose for our wedding cake was white cake with strawberry mousse filling, and red velvet cake with “The Grey Stuff” filling! Elizabeth then joined us to discuss our flowers and bouquets, which only lasted about 10 minutes. Quick and easy! We were in there for about 2 hours. I think it helped too that I sent both Amy and Elizabeth pictures of what I had in mind as well as my Pinterest board! After, we had to stop at the Wedding Pavilion for pictures once we were done, obviously.

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We had lots of time to spare in between our planning session and our menu tasting, so we headed to the Magic Kingdom to play! No automatic alt text available.

The menu tasting is like a totally special event. Amy took us backstage at the Grand Floridian Ballrooms, into the kitchen, where we were greeted by Chef Orlando!

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We had our own table in the kitchen, where Chef Orlando gave us plates of the appetizers, sides, and entrees we chose to try. Since I am very picky, Chef Orlando told me that he can make me my very own salad with all of my favorite things on our wedding, as well as a beautiful fruit plate! YUM-O! Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

It was such a magical day!! 🙂 The fun didn’t stop there though, we still had some more playing to do! (Like riding Space Mountain and screaming our faces off!)

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Now that most of the planning was done, we just had to wait until our final BEO (which gives you a total, and shows every detail of your day) to be sent over to us from Amy and Elizabeth. Once we got that, we had to make sure everything was in the budget, and just enjoy this time leading up to the wedding!! See, Disney Fairytale Weddings really does make it not so stressful!! 😉

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Stay tuned for more about our Disney Wedding!!

I hope you all have a fabulous day!!! Xoxo

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