My Dad

A father is a daughter’s first love


I have been blessed with the best Dad a girl could ever imagine. My best memories from my childhood are with my ‘Dada’. My Dada is the definition of what a father should be. He is ALWAYS there for his children, NEVER lets us down, and ALWAYS believes in us no matter what.


From recording my every move on the video camera, teaching me how to ride a bicycle, driving me to and from middle & high school, to then teaching me how to drive, growing up my Dada was always my best teacher, my biggest supporter, and my biggest encourager.

His hugs kept me safe, his kisses made me feel loved, and his smile made me feel so cherished.


And, even though I am grown up (well, somewhat?), I still need my Dada just as much as I did when I was younger. His hugs still keep me safe, his kisses still make me feel loved, and his smile still makes me feel so cherished. Not a day goes by where I don’t need my Dada.

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He is my Hero. He is the strongest and most loving man in the world, & he will forever be our real life Superman

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I will forever be my Daddy’s Little Girl.

Happy Father’s Day to my amazing ‘Dada’ xoxo

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