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Sunday happenings!

Hi friends! Happy Monday!! How was everyone’s weekend?! As usual, my weekend continues today. I hope you all got to spend time with the father’s in your life!

Yesterday was a fabulous day. I started it off with a great 4.5 mile run, then went to Dunkin’ to get my usual black coffee and was greeted with a big smiley face on my cup. Love!!!


I got in my daily devotional from Wife After God, and watched Joel Osteen.


I went to my sister’s house in the morning to play with my nephews for a little bit! 🙂


Peek a boo! I see you Enzo!!!;) 

After playtime, I went to my parent’s house with Michael for a cookout…


…to celebrate our amazing DAD on Father’s Day!!


We gave my Dad a wicked cool Superman light! (He loves Superman, duh)


Gio was actually willing to take a picture with Auntie & Uncle Michael! YAY!


The boys had so much fun playing with Uncle Michael (it is just so sweet to see him playing with them)


My dad cooked lots of meat on the grill (he is the grill master around here)! There were hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken, chicken wings, steak, hot dogs, french fries, pasta salad, and fruit salad! Yummyyyy!


Can you tell which plate is mine?! 😉 I had some pasta salad, and lots of fruit salad.

Gio had lots of fun being a photographer and using my mom’s mini-camera. He went around taking pictures of all of us. I laugh at this picture he took of Michael & I…it seems he was so focused on Auntie he cropped out Uncle Michael 😉 haha!


Later in the afternoon Michael & I had to go back to the Apple store because his phone was having problems (again)…his phone had no service, ever. After reading up on it, it seems like that can happen to a phone after getting a new screen put on. While waiting to be helped we obviously had to snap a selfie…


Apple is awesome! Since it was just a month ago he got his screen changed there, they gave him a replacement phone..for free!! He was very, very happy about that!

We went to Express after, and I bought some new leggings. I LOVE their leggings, they are cheaper than Victoria’s Secret and they are so soft and comfy! I almost forgot how great they are!

 Michael & I relaxed together for the rest of the night after getting home from the mall. We rented John Wick 2. It was good, but I think I liked the first one better. I sort of fell asleep towards the end of the movie…shhh! 

Today started off with an easy 2.5 mile run, an ab circuit, and a cleaning spree of our place. I vacuumed, dusted, and did a bunch of laundry. I have an eye doctor appointment later this morning and I am looking forward to seeing again…my contact prescription changed and I can’t see that great. I don’t know what else is up for today, besides getting some studying in, but I am just happy to have another day off!

I hope you all have a great Monday!! Xoxo

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