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Some sunshine on a Thursday (TOL 7)

Good morning! (I swear, whenever I say good morning the kindergarten teacher comes out in me and I start singing the “good morning song” in my head) For some reason I woke up thinking today was Wednesday again, but yesterday felt like Friday to me…weird. I guess it has just been one of those weeks, am I right?!

Speaking of this week, I have unfortunately let stress get the best of me and have been trying to let it go. (Now I am singing “let it go” from Frozen in my head, hahaha) It is totally draining and making me feel exhausted. Blah! I figured I would turn this post around and share some things that have put a smile on my face on this fine Thursday! I am linking this post up with Amanda to once again join in on her Thinking Out Loud party 🙂


  1. My husband. He has been working his bum off lately and we hardly get to spend lots of time together, but like I said before, when we do get to be together it is the best. I am one lucky girl to have such a strong, hard working husband!!
  2. Getting a nice 3.5 mile run in this morning on my treadmill. Remember when I talked about the noises it was making? Well it still makes some funky noises, but I have been getting parts shipped to me and have to schedule for someone to come out and fix it, I guess extending the warranty was worth it this time!
  3. The sunshine! I don’t know about you, but I love sunny, warm days. I so wish we lived somewhere warm all year round. Is it sunny where you are today?
  4. My nephews! My poor boos have been sick 🙁 but they will hopefully be all better soon once they start their antibiotics. My sweet babes should never be sick!img_9275-1
  5. Counting down to our Disney vacation!! Have I mentioned how excited I am? I am SOOO excited! I have been having way too much fun planning our days there 🙂
  6. Starbucks iced green tea. Yum!img_9270
  7.  Express leggings. Seriously, I am obsessed with these…considering I live in leggings, these are my favorite! I know I mentioned it before, but guys! Get yourselves some! Super comfy and super soft!
  8. Knowing the weekend is near…. ahhhh!
  9. Taking the NASM online practice quizzes & tests and finally feeling like information is sinking in….fingers crossed!!
  10. Dreaming of laying on a beach all day…. what about you?! 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful day, don’t forget to smile!! Xoxo

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