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Saturday, Saturday!!!!

Happy Saturday, friends!!

I am welcoming this Saturday with open arms, as I usually do every week. I can’t wait for my weekend to begin this afternoon; I am feeling a bit like I’m coming down with something, but I hope I am wrong! (See, I told you something always follows when I get a nose bleed). Today started with a 3 mile interval run, and I am kicking this yucky raw feeling in my throat to the curb and praying it away, get away!!

Speaking of runs, I signed up for the Disney Virtual Running Shorts for July, since I was too late to join in for this month. I am thinking of signing up for August too, because why not sign up and get two medals for running on my treadmill at home?!? And, this keeps my runs in check for training for the Princess 10k I am doing in February! I think my actual “training” will begin in August or September.


Anyways, let’s back up to yesterday: Once work was over, I got my nails done…finally! I was going on more than 3 weeks, yikes! (This picture was taken later on)


Then, I went over my sister’s house to play with my nephews. Gio is feeling much better, he was even cheesin’ for me to take a picture!!! 🙂 I had lots of fun, they are such sweet boys!


The rest of my night was filled with hubby time before he headed to work. We watched Modern Family, since it was on continuously on the USA channel. We love this show, even though we have seen all of them many many times…it always makes us laugh.


Today I have work until 3, then will probably be heading to my sister’s to have some more play time with my nephews. I also have to hit the books and study for the NASM exam which is creeping up fast. And, a Disney movie will probably be watched tonight as well 😉

I hope you all have a fantastic Saturday!! Make it a great one!! Xoxo

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