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Scatterbrained & stressed (TOL 8)

Good Morning and Happy Thursday to you! I am coming at you all scatterbrained today due to the crazy amount of stress I am feeling with my exam creeping up on me TOMORROW. So, I figured I would smash all of my thoughts of randomness into this post and link up with Amanda on this fine day to join in on her Thinking Out Loud party!


  • I woke up super early today reciting definitions and going over overactive/underactive muscles in my brain. Oh, the joy of studying. I feel like I am in college again.

  • I am really feeling pretty blah today thanks to my lovely lady friend who showed up this week. I really didn’t feel like working out this morning, but I knew that I would feel better afterwards. So, I got my buns moving! I first did some total body moves from the Tone It Up daily workout, then ran 3 miles. (And, bonus: I ran while studying, so I guess that’s a win-win!)
  • Like I had predicted, yesterday was filled with LOTS and lots of studying.


  • I really am so grateful that my Mama lets me study at work. She has been really encouraging and supportive (as well as everyone else, including my husband!). As always, thanks for believing in me!!
  • A mid-afternoon Starbucks run was very much needed for us to get through the day. A green tea for me, and a cold brew for her 🙂


  • After work, Michael & I had a grocery date. Yup, I called our grocery shopping outing a date. Hey, I’ll take what I can get, ya know what I mean!? Getting to go to any store with him (or just being with him in general) always puts a smile on my face, so it’s a date in my book!


  • We didn’t need too much, just the essentials… fruit, more fruit, vegetables, some wraps & pitas, and water.


  • Not bad at all. Usually our carriage is over flowing with ALL the groceries.
  • The rest of the night was filled with lots more studying, re-taking practice exams, and re-reading chapters.
  • I keep feeling bursts of doubt and disappointment. Feelings that tell me I probably won’t pass the exam, that maybe I don’t know enough of the material, and that maybe I am in way over my head trying to do this at all. These feelings remind me of the horrible test taker that I once was, and I have all of the reasons as to why I just should quit, it is so hard, I am never going to remember all of this information, all of the answers look like they are correct, I can’t even pronounce half of these terms….blah blah blah. The list could go on forever. BUT, I keep pushing past these feelings. I believe in myself to know that I am not going to back down, and I trust in the Lord and know that he will guide me.
  • This scripture is my favorite (Philippians 4:13), which is hanging in our kitchen reminding me everyday that I can do ALL things!


  • I have CPR training this afternoon, and will of course be studying for the most part of today/tonight. I also hope to go snuggle and play with my nephews at some point!

Have a FABULOUS Thursday, friends!!! Xoxo

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