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Good morning friends and Happy Sunday to you! This morning started with a fantastic 5.5 mile run. I actually lost track of time and was totally into it this morning; I started reading A Hundred Summers on my Kindle…(thanks to Julie for the recommendation on her blog) I am SO loving this book and don’t want to put it down…so I figured I would just keep on running!  Sunday’s really are for running, am I right!?! 😉

Let’s back up to yesterday….after having a not so good day on Friday, yesterday was a new (and better) day! I went to look at some new cars at VW with my Dad. I am loving the VW 2017 Tiguan…it is just so cute and so nice inside! It has a DOUBLE sunroof!! Ummm, Yes please!!


I sent this picture to Michael on our way while he was working with the caption..“guess where I am going!?! 😉 ” I was super excited, and I couldn’t contain my excitement. I am so ready to get rid of the car I have now. It’s black with black interior so it gets real hot in there and burns my legs in the summer…ouch!! It also shows every single scratch/mark all over the car. Beware of black cars, my friend! Hopefully Michael & I will be going back to make a deal soon and I will have a new car!!

I got some much needed playtime with my nephews last night! They are just so cute! We had lots of fun running around the house..Auntie was very pooped out after it all. I was holding Enzo while chasing Gio, the boys loved it and Enzo didn’t want me to stop! Haha! Enzo LOVES his pops…he clapped and screamed with excitement “pop! pop! pop!” when I took one out of the freezer for him. They are the Dole Outshine Pineapple Fruit Bars, and they are so yummy! If you haven’t tried them yet, you probably should go to the grocery store and get yourself some! I love the Coconut Waters with pineapple one…mmm!! I couldn’t help but snap a picture of him while he was eating it….look at those sweet eyes! Precious! img_9438

I took Gio for ice cream the other day. I just love getting “Auntie & Gio time”. We had lots of fun being silly while he ate his strawberry ice cream!


Look at that cute face!! Even covered in ice cream he is just so cute! 😉

Well, I am off to enjoy this beautiful day, I hope you get to do the same! Xoxo


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