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I love four day weekends!

Helloooo!!! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend…and for us lucky ones that get a 4 day weekend because of the 4th, I hope you are fully enjoying yourself! I know I am totally loving these beautiful days off! 😉

Today started in the best way possible, of course, with a workout! I followed the Tone It Up daily workout starting with Cardio Abs, then doing the 5 toning moves 15 times each for 3 rounds…and finishing it off with a 1.5 mile run. Remember when I thought I was coming down with something?! Well, it went away like nothing, but it came back yesterday. 🙁 I think I may be fighting a cold or something, but I ain’t got time for that! Michael & I are going to get my new car at some point today! Yippee!!!

Yesterday was a wonderful day!!

I went to play with my nephews, and brought some donuts over.



I went to the mall with my sister. She had to return something at Macy’s, and of course we had to wander into Victoria’s Secret! I received an email a couple days ago about their Americana shirts being 50% off, and I thought our store would be sold out right away, but to my surprise they had two just waiting for us in both of our sizes!! Happy dance!!!


I took Gio for ice cream so we could have an Auntie & Gio date again! I just love taking him out alone! He is just too sweet!! Yesterday he got mint chip ice cream with chocolate jimmies….and he totally enjoyed it. I can’t wait for him to sit in my new car with the double sunroof, I think he will love it!!


I ended the day in the best way I knew possible…

..By dancing and singing along while watching Enchantedobviously.


I hope you all have a fabulous day!! Xoxo

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