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Throw glitter in today’s face! (TOL #9)

Happy Thursday! We are almost to the weekend…almost.

I am once again linking this random post up with Amanda to join in on her Thinking Out Loud Party!


  • I totally misunderstood the policy for NASM retesting….I thought I had to wait 30 days, but when I woke up this morning the first thing I did was dig out that awful paper stating that I did not pass, and reread the retesting policy stating that you can purchase the retest after one week. I thought it might be a good idea to get back into study mode and take the exam when I feel absolutely ready…and I believe I will have 180 days to retest which will give me plenty of time to KNOW MY STUFF! So, tomorrow I will be calling to purchase that retest. I am NOT giving up!
  • I didn’t really sleep well last night due to a not so great day yesterday, we all have those right? Despite the lack of sleep, my internal alarm clock decided to wake me up at 5 AM to start the day…..I totally wasn’t feeling a run or a workout at all. But, after laying in bed for a little while I decided to do just ’10 minutes’ and see what I felt like after that…..and as always, after those 10 minutes I didn’t want to stop. It’s a little trick I do when I just don’t really feel like working out: I tell myself to just get 10 minutes in and if I still feel like stopping, I will. (Unless I am sick, hurt, or something else like that. I don’t force myself to workout.) Try it! It is great motivation to get your bum moving! Tell yourself to “just do 10 minutes then stop if you still aren’t feeling it” but I bet you won’t stop after 10 minutes 😉 I ended up finishing a 2.5 mile run, and a bodyweight workout consisting of jumping jacks, squats, crunches, mountain climbers, push ups, and burpees!
  • Today is a new day, and the sun is shining! I just love summer and wish we could live somewhere down South (like FLORIDA) that has nice weather all year round. I swear, I do not belong up here where we have terrible winters and only a couple months of summer.
  • Speaking of Florida, we are less than 2 weeks away until we go to Disney! I can’t wait to be with Michael all the time, he has been working his butt off and basically has only had this past Monday & Tuesday off since we got back from the Bahamas….that was a long time ago to be working SO much! Such a hard worker!
  • I finished A Hundred Summers, which was totally great. I couldn’t put it down, but then wanted more when it ended. (This always happens to me! I get sucked into the book I am reading and then am sad when it is over, haha) I started Forever Is The Worst Long Time, per Julie’s summer reading recommendations on her blog. She always gives such great book recommendations so if you are ever looking for something to read, head on over there to see what she is/has been reading! 🙂
  •  Alrighty, I am going to stop there because I think that is enough of my random thoughts for one day 😉

I hope you all have a fabulous day! Throw some glitter in today’s face! Xoxo


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