One frustrating afternoon

Helllooooo friends!! Happy FRIDAY!!!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week…it definitely helps over here that it has been a short week due to the 4th of July!

This morning started with a 3 mile run. Once again I just wasn’t feeling like working out, but after talking myself into it I was fine after those “1st 10 minutes” 😉 I added in a bunch of plank variations after my run. Gotta get those planks in, people!

Yesterday afternoon was a very frustrating one, to say the least! I went to the Volkswagen car dealership that I bought my car at with my Dad to hopefully pick up some paperwork and get my car registered. When I bought the car this past Monday, Geico was taking much longer than we would have liked to get everything sent over to the dealership (we are talking like 2 hours), so we ended up leaving without the registration and decided to go back to pick it up at a later date. WELL, not only did I have to go back yesterday, we waited another 2 and a half hours, both my Dad and I had to call Geico more than 4 times to get them to far over the right forms, and in between them and the car dealership…it was a MESS!! They were both messing up on both of their ends! It was a disaster, and I was so very unhappy with them, as was my Dad. I actually told an agent to stop talking (as did my Dad to a different agent) on the phone since she just kept rambling on about how the “wait time” updates every minute so it jumped from 40 minutes to an hour and a half.


After getting lots of frustration out over the phone, we left the dealership after waiting 2 and a half hours….still with no registration in hand! AH! Luckily, we laughed it off once we got in the car because we couldn’t believe this was happening. Of course it would happen to me, right?! It was so frustrating, and by the time we got back into town all I wanted to do was lay in bed. Which, I did, since Michael had worked all day and had to be back at work a couple hours later (crazy man!), he was napping, and I happily laid in bed too. So, after that crazy dramatic afternoon…I did a whole lot of nothing besides watch Million Dollar Listing New York!

 Today should hopefully be a much calmer day over here! I am not going to go try to get my registration until this weekend….with caution! 😉

Have a beautiful day, everyone! Xoxo

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