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Good morning and Happy Sunday to you! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! I wish I could say that I got so extremely busy with having fun that I forgot to post yesterday, but I was just feeling sort of blah. Nothing too exciting has been going on around here, so I didn’t feel like there was anything great to blog about. But, have no fear! I am back in full swing today sharing my not so exciting life 😉

I got two great runs in these past 2 days: yesterday I completed a 5k run for the Disney Virtual Running Shorts! I submitted my time on runDisney. I can’t wait to get my medal! I will probably sign up for August too! After that I got on my yoga mat for some core exercises…planks, crunches, mountain climbers, heel taps, star crunches, and bicycles. Today was a 30 minute HIIT run. I love getting high intensity interval training runs in throughout the week to help burn some fat!

Remember my frustrations I blogged about with getting the registration for my new car (Ella) due to Geico and the car dealership both messing up?! Well, luckily, I asked on Friday if it was all set and they told me it was, so I went to pick it up yesterday. Let me just tell you, it went much smoother than the other day seeing as they already had it ready for me when I got there and we didn’t have to yell at Geico. I would call that a win in my book!

We are in desperate need of going food shopping, so I think that is going to happen this morning. (It is my usual Sunday happenings: going to the grocery store with my Dad!) You know we are getting low on food around here when we only have a few bananas left. *Fun fact: we usually have ALL THE BANANAS in the house. I don’t know, but I feel like we are going to run out of bananas if we don’t have plenty around here, and it will be the worst thing in the world. (Weird? I know) Between both Michael & I, we sometimes eat like 5 bananas a day….we love us some bananas! Oh, and every time I say ‘banana’ I say it like a minion…anyone else?!? 


Michael once again has been working an insane amount of hours, so I’ve had lots of time to STUDY! I am telling you, there will be no more “did not pass” nonsense around here. I AM PASSING! I have 180 days, but I hope to take the exam before that..I figured I am going to keep studying every single day (besides when we are in Disney) and take the test when I feel absolutely confident that I am going to pass with flying colors.

I watched Bridesmaids last night for the millionth time. Each time I watch it I laugh even more than before. It is just one of those great movies you can watch over and over again. Just like The Proposalmy husband thinks I am a mad woman because of the amount of times I have watched that movie (I’m talking like when it is on all day over and over again, I will keep watching it and totally LOVE every second of it) 😉

Okay, I think that is enough randomness from me in one day. I hope you all have a great Sunday! Enjoy every second of this beautiful day! Xoxo

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