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Sunshiny days!

Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend?! We’ve had some beautiful sunny days over here!

I FINALLY got to spend some time with Michael yesterday so I was one happy girl. We went to the mall to get him some clothes for our Disney trip. It’s funny, every time we go on vacation we buy new clothes, do you do this too?

Old Navy was having a big sale where all shorts and some tops were 50% off! He made out and got a bunch of shirts and shorts, which were all part of the sale. I bought two new dresses and a tank….that weren’t on sale. Oops. Oh, believe me, he wouldn’t let it go for a while. I never said I would pick something on sale, silly hubby 😉 There are still things that I need to get for our trip, so I am sure there will be much shopping going on around here this upcoming weekend!


It kind of stinks a little that Michael has been working so much so we really haven’t been able to have lots of time together besides a couple days a week, if that. But I am SO looking forward to vacation so we can be together! Anyone else have a husband that works insane hours? It can be tough, but we make it work and it makes time with him that much more special.

It was a gorgeous Sunday, I spent some time outside with my parents on their deck. The sun just felt so good. I could’ve stayed out there all day. I wish we could have gone to the beach, as it was a perfect beach day with a little breeze! I would like to live at the beach in the summer, what about you? 

This morning started in the best way possible…with a workout of course! First up was the Toned Abs video from Tone It Up. Yikes, were my abs ON FIRE by the end of that one! I followed that with a 2.5 mile run, then got some extra planks in. Let me tell you, my abs were definitely burnin’ up when I was done! It was a great workout to start off the new week!

It is another beautiful day out! The sun is shining and it is warming up out there!

Currently I am drinking my Dunkin’ coffee, watching Live with Kelly & Ryan 🙂


I am getting my hair done in a little while, which I am so excited about.  I wish I could get my hair done (or at least a shampoo and blow dry) every day 😉

Have a fabulous day, friends!! Xoxo

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