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Thoughts on this gloomy day (TOL #10)

Hellooooo!! Thanks for stopping by the blog today! 🙂

I am linking up with Amanda’s party to Think out Loud on this gloomy Thursday!


  • I realized when I am stressed or anxious: I clean. I don’t mean that every time I clean it’s because I’m stressed or anything, but maybe most of the time? Listening to Disney music, and Michael Bublé’s songs, or watching any Disney movie helps too 😉
  • Speaking of stress, sleep hasn’t really been happening over here. I wake up countless times during the night. Take last night for instance, I went to sleep at 10, woke up at 11:30, then was awake from 1-4am just trying to go back to sleep but couldn’t. It’s so frustrating because then I am sleepy all day.
  • …and with this gloomy, cold, and rainy day we are having over here, it will be one sleepy, tiring, and loooooong Thursday. Booooo
  • Starbucks runs have been happening a lot this week

  • I really really need to get my nails done as you can see in that picture. I’ve been waiting extra long because I wanted to wait to get them done before we go to Disney, and I needed to find a new nail tech because I am getting sick of where I go now. Luckily, I made an appointment with someone new for this Saturday! I’m excited!
  • Speaking of Disney….we are less than a week away from our vacation! Woohoo!! I am super excited!!!
  • We’ve been (trying to) take advantage of the evenings Michael & I get to spend together. The other night we went to walk around a nearby park after dinner. It was so nice out! We left when it started to get really buggy.
  • Despite my lack of sleep and being tired, I got in a great 30 minute interval run this morning. I also did a core & arms workout afterwards too. I was one sweaty mess after that!
  • We are in serious need to hit up the grocery store today. I don’t know what it is, but I have no desire to go food shopping. I used to go like every day, but maybe since it is summer I just don’t want to spend my time in the grocery store. We now have absolutely no food at home, so we must go once I get out of work!
  • Alright, well I think that is enough random thoughts for one day! 😉

I hope you all have a great day, friends! Xoxo

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