Finally Friday

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY to you! 🙂

I feel like this has been another long week, but I am happy it is finally Friday. I have lots of shopping to do this weekend for our Disney trip! (Only 5 days away!!)


I finally got in a somewhat good night’s sleep last night. I only woke up a couple times and wasn’t wide awake for hours. I’ll call that a win in my book! After sleeping a little later (10 minutes) than usual, I woke up ready to get in a workout! I started with some stretching, then into a bodyweight circuit, and finishing it off with a 2 mile run. Now I am ready for Fridayyyy!!

Michael & I finally went to the grocery store once I got home from work yesterday. I’m telling you, friends, our fridge was so bare! We basically bought the whole entire produce section….the bagger even said so 😉

I don’t think I talked about it much on here, but remember that cute shirt I ordered that said “too blessed to be stressed” from Liv Luv Shop?!?

img_4143_1_grande.jpgWell, I am going to advise you all not to order from that website. I know they have some cute things, but have someone else make shirts for you (Like my Disbride sister Rebeka at Southern Belle Creations!). Let me explain: I ordered my shirt on June 5, got an email back a couple days later telling me that my order has shipped. Awesome! I waited, waited, and waited…until June 28 came around and I still hadn’t received my shirt. So, I emailed the provided email address (since they don’t provide a phone number) to contact the company asking where my order was. They claimed it would be “picked up in 2-3 days”. Okay, great! On July 10, I checked the website and saw that my order “could not be delivered, please contact USPS”. So, I called USPS and informed them what the website said and asked where my package was. The nice man on the phone explained to me that this package was still in West Palm Beach (where the “business” is) and hasn’t even been shipped out to me to begin with. So, I emailed this company once again asking where my package was and never got a response. I messaged them on Facebook, commented on their page as well as commenting on MANY of their photos, but got no response. I cannot believe how awful this company is, and how terrible their customer service is. So pretty please, if you happen to see a shirt that you think is cute from Liv Luv Shop, save yourself from the agony, and find someone else who can make an even cuter shirt for you!

I am off to head to work! I hope you all have a wonderful day! Xoxo

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