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A beautiful Sunday!

Good morning and Happy Sunday to you!! It is a beautiful one over here!

I have always loved Sunday morning’s, especially now since my weekends extend into Monday’s. Something about Sunday makes me think of being a child, going to church with my family, and getting Il Camino take out (the best Italian food here!), eating some delicious cheese raviolis while laying on the blanket on the living room floor, and watching The Preacher’s Wife. Weird that I think of that? Maybe, but there are many things that bring back such a great memories.

As much as I would like to get to church every week, Sunday’s now mean that I watch Joel Osteen in the morning while sipping on my Dunkin’ coffee, do some grocery shopping with my Dad, get some cleaning done, probably catch up on some Real Housewives episodes, and do whatever else I want for the rest of the day!


But of course, this morning started with an ab workout, then 30 minutes of HIIT running.  Had to get those intervals in again today! And oh boy, was I a sweaty mess once that was done! Phew!

I got my nails done yesterday afternoon, and it was amazing! I went to a new lady, which I am SO happy I made the switch, and am kicking myself in the butt since I didn’t switch earlier. We had lots of fun talking about our lives, and of course, Disney! She even put Mickey’s on my nails! They are so cute! I am super obsessed with my nails now!! 🙂


After that, I went to the farm stand to get a bunch of fruit. Unfortunately, the pineapple I got was not ripe and so yucky. (I knew this was going to happen just by looking at it) I will be getting another pineapple today with hopes that it is sweet, juicy, and yellow! There’s nothing worse than digging into a pineapple to have it be a sour, white, and dry pineapple. Yuck!

We are only 3 days away from our Disney trip and the nerves of traveling is kicking in. I always get anxious a couple days before a flight, but I can’t wait to be there!! I have lots left to do: shopping, packing, more shopping, and more packing! I always overpack, but what else is a girl to do besides bring her whole wardrobe (and tiaras), and live the princess life?!? 😉

I hope you all have a glorious day! Don’t forget to sparkle! Xoxo

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