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Why I love Disney

As you may or may not know, my husband doesn’t share in the same love of Disney as I have. A couple years ago when Michael and I were having dinner at the Contemporary Grill on my birthday, we went outside to watch the Wishes fireworks. He was in a rather “I don’t like Disney” mood, so he asked me “why do you like this place so much?” And I didn’t know how to answer. Maybe my answer seems silly to some, but here it goes…

I love Disney for the amazing memories it brings me back to of when I was a child celebrating with my family. For the feeling of pure happiness that could make me cry happy tears. For the way I can wear my tiaras every second of everyday and not only feel like a princess, but be called a princess. For the way you can be as young as you want, because you should never grow up. For the way you can dance and twirl down Main Street and not be judged, because more likely than not someone older than you is doing the same thing. For the cast members who treat you like royalty. For the cheerful music being played throughout the speakers. For the way you feel like you are in a real fairytale filled with all things happy, and sparkly. I love it for the EXCITEMENT, for the HAPPINESS, for the MAGIC, and most of all…I love Disney for the MEMORIES.


Think of it like this, you know when someone tells you to “close your eyes and think of something happy”?

I close my eyes and think of walking into the Magic Kingdom with my Dad, my Mom, my brother, and my sister…while my Dad is recording us on the video recorder as we walk down Main Street.

I think of the smell of waffle cones and ice cream coming from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. 

I think of riding Alladin’s Magic Carpet ride with my Mom, and laughing like we had no cares in the world.

I think of watching the Electric Light Parade with my family and knowing which float is to come next, and the songs that follow.

I think of the crisp, cool feeling I would feel when walking into our villa at Old Key West after a long day at the parks.

I think of my birthday….because EVERY year my birthday would fall during April vacation, which just so happened to be when we went to Disney every year 😉

I think of eating Mickey Mouse ice cream bars, and fluffy pink cotton candy.

I think of singing my heart out along with the Wishes Fireworks, while having happy tears in my eyes.

I think of the moment Michael proposed to me with my family surrounding us in the Wedding Pavilion.

I think of walking down the aisle with my Dad, seeing my favorite people, and most importantly, seeing my husband.

I think of the feeling of pure happiness on our wedding night after getting back to our room at the Grand Floridian and looking at Michael and saying “omg, you are my husband!”

…I think of all of those happy, amazing,magical, and wonderful moments I’ve had in Disney World.


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