When things don’t go your way (a slight rant)

Good morning and Happy Monday to you, how was everyone’s weekend?

I had a blog post ready to go today about our Disney trip, but I am waiting until later to post that because I am so over the top mad right now.


Enter: my first ever slight rant post of all things making me mad right now. (How’s that for a Monday?)

Since we have been home, things have been going NOT so great over here. I suppose I am just meant to stay in Florida, or better yet, Disney World.

My case in point: When I woke up the day we were coming home I was hit with this nasty cold. See? My body knew it was coming home so it granted me with this sickness. It was saying “No! Stay here! Be a princess! You are meant to be Cinderella and make children smile!” 

Not to mention that horrendous flight home consisting of turbulence from hell. Side note: I have never been on a flight in all of my 27 years of living (that’s probably about over 70 flights) where they had to STOP snack service because of the turbulence. People want to talk about the “bumps”? Ok, well the bumps weren’t the problem! It was the dropping/falling feeling from Florida all the way to Virginia. I felt like I was on Splash Mountain again, or even worse Tower Of Terror

Okay, and then how about you add to the mix a toilet that is not working on a Sunday night? How great is that? Our landlord was not able to get here to look at it, so my Dad came to the rescue at about 8:30 last night. (Even though we called our landlord at 5:15 and he said he would be here “in a couple hours”) Just to let you all know, my Dad is a genius. He is a jack of all trades and totally fixed our toilet (I hope…it does sound a little weak when flushing). I am SO thankful that he was around and just jumped at the thought of coming to help us.

Now let’s add to the mix some cute white t-shirts I wore in Disney….which are my two favorites by the way…that were made by my Disbride sister Rebeka from Southern Belle Creations. Okay, so what’s up with these shirts you ask?! Well, I had them in my laundry bin since we got home because I was waiting to wash them separately. So this morning I woke up and decided to wash those two beautiful white shirts…..WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENS ON THE DAY I WASH THEM? Our water of course turns brown. So my two white shirts are no longer white they are YELLOW. I am livid. When I put them in the wash the water was not brown (yet), but since we live on a sucky road where they are always doing construction, our water turns brown more often than not. HOW LUCKY AM I?


Also, let’s talk about the fact that I bought a new Mickey emblem to put on Ella (my new car) but I can’t put it on because her behind is too curvy. Okay, so I totally understand this is the least of my worries, but seriously!? She would look so cute if she had some Mickey added to her.

Speaking of my car, how could we forget about adding some madness about my payments to all of this too? When we got home from Disney, our mailbox was overflowing with mail, of course, and I had several things from Volkswagen. I am totally confused as to how to go about paying off my old lease because I traded it in early, do I just pay it off or do I wait to see what happens because right now I have a balance of $0.00 when I log into my account? I have many questions that should have been answered by a VW Credit customer service rep, right? (Since the dealership that sold me my car can’t answer any of my questions either, it seems) Well well well, I was on hold for 30 minutes (I kid you not) and finally got ahold of someone, only to see that my phone call got disconnected because we have NO service EVER in our place. (Like seriously, I NEVER have service in here, it always says No Service on my phone, do you know how frustrating that is?!?) So, I had to call again and wait another 30 minutes (again, I kid you not) and finally talk to someone who told me that I could be placed on hold to get to another agent in order to see what is going on. Are you kidding? No. So, today, I am going to have to find some patience and call them again.


And more importantly, let’s add to all of this: my treadmill IS MAKING NOISES AGAIN. Notice how I am totally getting even more mad as I am typing this and using capital letters!? I feel like whenever someone sends me something or I read something in caps I am reading it in a yelling voice in my head…do you do this too?  Anyways, I am going to have to call repairs again to try to get someone to come out here and fix the stupid thing. I really need to invest in an elliptical too, so I can switch it up, but since we don’t have any room in this STUPID place, I will have to wait.

…because of all of these things, I have come to the conclusion that I belong in Disney. I totally need to ask the Lord for some patience today and every day, because life has really been testing me these past couple of days. It totally doesn’t help that I barely can breathe out of my nose and am whiny about it. My anxiety level is at an all time high right about now.


I hope you are having a better Monday than I am having over here! 😉

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