My Fairytale Wedding (Our wedding day)

Hi! Happy hump day! How is everyone’s week going so far? Mine is going super slow, is it Friday yet?! 😉

Since I fell off the bandwagon with keeping up with my wedding posts (oops), today’s blog post will be all about our wedding day! Missed any of the other posts about our wedding adventures? No worries! Here is: our proposal, our site visit (beginning to plan), our planning session (the planning process), my dress, our rehearsal dinner (the day before our wedding).


Before diving into this blog post, I once again need to say that without the help of the Disbride community, I wouldn’t even have known where to start with the planning process. When our assistant planner didn’t answer my emails or when I needed a quick answer to something, I always turned to my Disbride Sisters, because I knew they would know the answers! The Disbride community, more specifically, Lisa introduced me to our photography and videography vendors Randy Chapman & Stan Severance. If it weren’t for her, I would not have photos or video of our wedding day. Disney’s pricing for photos and video was really out of our price range, and after talking with her about my dilemma, she told me to look into Randy and Stan. This is where my love of Randy began! Having both Randy and Stan within our price range was amazing. We even had a second shooter Angela Micheaud with Randy on our day. I also wouldn’t have known about Beaute Speciale for making me beautiful with hair and makeup; whom I used for myself and all of the girls on our wedding day!! All of the help from Lisa and the Disbride community really helped me bring my wedding together and made my vision come true, yes my amazing planner Amy and our florist had a huge part to do with it too, but I knew a lot more than I would have known if it weren’t for the group! 🙂

The year 2016 was a pretty great but tough year around here; I got my first “real” teaching position in a kindergarten classroom, my Grampy passed away in January, my Memere passed away two weeks before our wedding, my sister had my nephew Enzo, my parents sold our family home, and we got married. Some amazing things, but also some tragic things. However, looking back, it was the year of big changes, and change isn’t always such a bad thing. 

I included details in our wedding that honored my grandparents who have passed. Nicole from The Paper Fairy Shop (a Disbride vendor) made us a memorial sign to include in our ceremony. Another lady I connected with through the Disbride community was so sweet to have sent me these Mickey charms to include on my bouquet where I could place pictures inside of them. These were a big deal to me, and I still have the charms in my car always!

Our wedding day, Thursday, May 19, 2016 had arrived and I felt like it was a dream…

I woke up ready to go early in the morning (well I didn’t really get much sleep the night before our wedding) to have breakfast with my Dad at the Grand Floridian Cafe before all of the wedding fun began! I loved the fact that I was spending my last morning as a single lady eating breakfast with my Dad.

It wasn’t until I returned back to my room, and a lady from Carolyn Allen’s (a vendor both Disney and the Disbride community recommend using when getting your dress shipped and steamed) brought my dress all ready to be worn when it started to all feel real. My mom and bridesmaids all started to show up, along with Beaute Speciale for hair and makeup, and it was time to start getting beautified!!


When Disney Floral showed up with all of our bouquets, that is when I started to get all choked up…my bouquet was absolutely breathtaking, everything I could have imagined!! And, all of my bridesmaids bouquets were exactly what I wanted also! So much pink!

Around 1PM, the hair and makeup stylists were finished and we ordered room service for lunch to my room at the Grand Floridian Villas. We all ate, drank some champagne, and danced around to some music on Radio Disney! Then, 2:30 came around and Randy arrived with Angela and Stan…it was getting really real!

I put my “something new” beautiful dress on, my “something old” Memere’s wedding band on my right hand, my “something blue” Cinderella Alex & Ani on my wrist, and my “something borrowed” my Mom’s diamond necklace on my neck. I felt like a total princess, and was in complete bliss.

Unfortunately, it started down pouring and thundering while I was taking pictures, but I did not let that ruin my happiness at all. We all walked over to the Grand Floridian walkway from the Villas, where I was going to have a first look with my Dad where my brother and Gio were waiting for us. My dad was facing away from me, I tapped him on his shoulder, and he turned to find me standing there in my princess wedding dress! (This was all Randy’s idea! Priceless!!!)

We all walked over to the lobby to take pictures. As I was standing on the staircase inside the Grand Floridian lobby, I couldn’t believe that this was my moment! My moment of feeling like a princess bride! My moment of having everyone in the lobby look at me and comment on how beautiful I looked!

Amy had told me that she had looked at the radar, and the good news was the rain was going to stop and they could delay the horse landau to come pick me up so that I would be able to take it, but we also had the limo if it didn’t stop. Minutes later, the rain stopped!! Sunshine was out and the sky was clear blue! It was a miracle!

I stepped outside, hopped on the horse landau with my Mom and my Dad, and took in every second of that ride to the Wedding Pavilion. My dad actually recorded me in that moment, so special that I have that video forever! Walking to the Pavilion was surreal, I couldn’t believe in a few short moments I was going to be walking down the aisle to my Prince Charming!

Then, it was time. The bell-chimes went off and the double doors opened inside of the Wedding Pavilion, with my dad’s hand in mine, we walked down the scattered rose petal aisle to Cinderella’s So This Is Love, and saw my Prince (who never cries) bawling his eyes out. I held in my happy tears and took in every second of our ceremony. It was perfection.

Finally, husband and wife! We walked out to Michael Buble’s Feeling Good (the same song that was playing during our engagement), and once we were outside our guests threw pink rose petals at us like confetti. So fun!!!

After pictures, it was time to party the night away in the Whitehall Room over at the Grand Floridian, which had pink uplighting and a dance floor; it was absolutely magical. Everything I had imagined it to look like. DJ Scott Messina was our amazing DJ, whom I had wanted from the beginning of our planning process! We pretty much gave Scott free range to play any songs he wanted, but gave him a short list of do not play songs. Scott really brought the party. He made our night so much fun!!! We had the time of their lives; I don’t think I ever stopped singing and dancing, and that is all we wanted!!

Mickey came out and everyone was surprised, we all got to dance with him and take pictures with him! Our guests got to sign our custom illustration instead of your standard guest book, once again created by Nicole at The Paper Fairy. Mickey even got to sign it, and now we have it hanging in our living room forever. So special!

Mickey even helped us cut our amazing cake. The bottom layer was white cake with strawberry mousse filling, and the top layer was red velvet cake with The Grey Stuff filling! So delicious!!!

The whole entire day was my favorite day ever! I wouldn’t want to change anything from our day, I am so happy with how it turned out.

My one piece of advice I would give you if you are getting married is to enjoy every single second of your day. Try to stand back during your reception (or if you’re like me, dance away from the dance floor) and really take in what is happening. I so cherish those moments of when I was really in the moment and enjoyed every second of our day.

Best day ever!!

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