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Thinking Out Loud #11

Heyyy! Happy Thursday!!

Today I am linking up with Amanda to join in on her Thinking Out Loud party to get some random thoughts out! 😉


  • I woke up earlier than normal, ready to go! I was so craving a good workout and good thing, because I haven’t really got a “good” workout in since before leaving for Disney, so I got right to it! I started with some ab work then ran 4 miles, mixing in some intervals because I was just feeling so pumped up!!
  • I noticed last night that I don’t even remember the last time I dusted this place? Was it before vacation? Did I do it when we got back? I honestly have no idea… so I whipped out the Swiffer Duster after my workout and got it done!
  • I just finally finished reading The Look of Love by Sarah Joi. I saw it on Julie’s post of book recommendations for summer, and I enjoyed it! I started reading before we went off to Disney so I was eager to finish it when we got home.


  • I started reading The Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza just yesterday on a whim since my Kindle recommended it to me, and so far I am totally hooked! I don’t want to stop reading!


  • Michael and I have been trying to take advantage of the nice days we have been having around here the past couple of days (not including yesterday since it was storming very, very badly). I just love being outside in the sunshine (minus the bugs, of course) and Michael loves fishing, so we get the best of both worlds when we go to a nearby park where he can fish. I never ever want summer to end!!
  • Speaking of nice weather, I brought Gio for ice cream the other night. It was way too nice outside to be in the house. Guys, do you see how big he is getting!?! OMG. Stop growing!! He is such a big boy!!! He totally loved being in my new car, Ella, too.
  • I was eyeing this wicked cute Kate Spade bag when I saw someone post about it last week, and I finally got an email on Tuesday for their new arrivals! I for sure got this Minnie Mouse bag!! I hope it is as cute in person as it is online!
  • I want to start wearing my Fitbit again just to see really how lazy I am. I honestly feel so lazy if I am just sitting/standing at work, so I have been making a point to walk around. I am looking into buying new replacement bands because mine is super dirty (and blue, which totally doesn’t go with anything I wear), and I lost my charger so I need a new one. I am hoping to invest in a pretty pink Apple Watch soon, but I don’t really want to spend that much money on one right now. So, this old Fitbit should do the trick…I hope?!
  • My nails are seriously in need of loving. I can’t wait to get them done on Saturday. I was supposed to get them done this past Saturday, but since I was feeling so lousy I actually rescheduled. You know I’m sick when I have to reschedule my nail appointment, my friends!
  • The other night Michael and I watched Keeping Up With The Joneses, which was hilarious. We actually watched it on a whim because it was On Demand, and it was actually one we haven’t seen! 
  • Okay, I think that is enough randomness in one day….if you made it this far, thank you for reading today!! I appreciate you!

Have a great Thursday! Xoxo

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  1. I have both ‘The Look of Love’ AND ‘Fitness Junkie’ on my list of to-reads! This post reinforced it and now I’ll have to be sure to read them both before summer’s over. So glad you’re enjoying the outdoors and your summer. I’m right there with ya–I don’t want it to end! At least not for a good while longer. And yum, ice cream, and what a cute smile!

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