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Our second day in Disney World: Feeling like we are home!

Helllooooo! Happy FRIYAY to you!!!!!

I just love reminiscing and looking back at our Disney vacation, so here is day two of our magical time in the Happiest Place on Earth 😉 

Our second day of vacation in Disney was another day filled with laughter, love, joy, and fun! I am calling this day: Feeling like we are home!

We started the day at the Grand Floridian Cafe, which, if you don’t know by now, is my favorite restaurant in Disney. They have the best staff, and the best fruit. We always feel so loved whenever we go here, and so at home. (We frequently went here during our trip, pretty much for breakfast or lunch every day).

We make sure to request our favorite waiter Robert when he is working, he is the best! Now, like I said, this restaurant is filled with the best staff around, and they really know how to make us feel special! One of the hostess’ Nada, whom I love dearly, is such a sweetheart and always greets us with a warm welcome. This time she presented me with some beautiful flowers which made me feel so wonderful! She is just such a sweet lady!

I ordered my usual, their fruit plate with extra fruit and a toasted english muffin on the side. Yummy! I so wish I could go there right now and eat this exact meal. Their fruit is just so so delicious. You can’t find that fruit up here, folks. img_0169

After our meal, we each got a mimosa to celebrate our vacation. I requested more champagne than orange juice in mine. It was good! Cheers!

After breakfast, we headed to Epcot! I had on one of my favorite shirts from Rebeka!!

We met up with my sister, brother in law, and nephews to go on Finding Nemo with them. Of course, Auntie and Uncle Michael sat in a shell with Gio!

After Epcot, Michael and I headed to the Polynesian Resort to eat some lunch at the Kona Cafe. Now, if you dined here in the past you might remember that they had this absolutely delicious fruit plate in the morning that was served INSIDE of a pineapple!?! Well, sadly, they do not offer that anymore. But, they still have a good fruit plate. Unfortunately, we ate here several times and I was only given this delicious fruit plate the first time we dined here. (The other times it was a lousy, sad, past it’s prime, fruit plate) Our waiter also brought us some absolutely scrumptious sweet bread rolls. Oh goodness me, I could have eaten all of those rolls!

After lunch we returned back to our room to rest a bit, and to hide from the crazy storm that was happening outside! Upon entering our room, there was a small red gift bag on the counter, with no note. Inside, there was a small box of fudge from the Ganachery from Disney Springs. We didn’t know who sent them, but they were delicious!!

Our dinner was at ‘Ohana, which I love!! We got seated by the window looking out to the Castle 🙂 my favorite! This is a family style all you can eat restaurant…and they give you A LOT of food!

Our waitress started us with some bread and butter (in our opinion, the bread at Kona Cafe is way better). We were also given a plate of a variety of hummus and pita chips. I informed our waitress I was a vegetarian and would not be eating the meat she brings around to us. She told me that she would bring out a bowl of vegetarian stir fry (which could have come with tofu, but I wanted it without). My stir fry was a little too spicy for me, and I ended up just eating the stir fry vegetables on the platter as well as the noodles. They also give you a huge bowl of salad, and I asked for the dressing on the side. Michael was given the chicken and the steak, but he said it wasn’t as good as he remembered it to be from before. The meat was chewy and had a bit too much fat on it.

I love this restaurant pretty much only for the fun atmosphere. There is always someone serenading each table by singing Hawaiian songs. The statues around the restaurant are cool too!

For dessert, our waitress brought out their gigantic bread pudding with banana caramel syrup. She also brought out chocolate cupcakes for us since we were celebrating our anniversary. 🙂 We ended up taking the two cupcakes back to our room.

We had an early morning for our photo shoot the next day, so we ended up going back to our room after dinner. 🙂

Stay tuned for more! Have a wonderful day!! Xoxo

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