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On feeling “lazy”

Hi guys! Happy Monday to you! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Mine was filled with workouts and runs, getting my nails done, playing with my nephews, spending time with Michael, and watching some of my favorite Disney movies. (Like Frozen!)

Speaking of workouts, I have felt pretty lazy and have felt like I have not been doing “enough” in terms of moving and exercising. But, who am I kidding? I do workout everyday and try to run at least 2-4 miles a day. Why in the world would I consider myself lazy? Sometimes I feel like if I am just sitting down on the couch or even sitting at work I shouldn’t and I should be actively doing something…moving or walking around because just sitting down for hours at a time is not good. I guess I never really allow myself to “relax” during the day. At night after dinner is a totally different story around here because after I eat and clean up, I will happily sit my bum on the couch until it’s bedtime.  To prove myself of this “laziness“, I started wearing my (very old) Fitbit again. Now I know that it isn’t 100% accurate and it doesn’t work like an Apple watch (that I really want), but guess what? I am not lazy. Shocker, right?! I know I am hard on myself about everything in my life, but I am especially hard on myself for being healthy, and for being fit, and for getting in a good workout everyday.

Usually when we are on vacation I like to keep up with my workout routine. I always like to stay somewhere, especially Disney, that has a fitness center so I am able to use the treadmills and ellipticals no matter what. But, during this Disney trip, I didn’t visit the fitness center once. And you know what? I didn’t want to, or feel the need to. And I didn’t beat myself up about it either. 

Sure, sometimes I felt a little annoyed that I didn’t get that “good workout high” in the morning, but I truly enjoyed my time with Michael, and just loved every second of our vacation.

I guess the main reason why I thought it was silly for me to go to the fitness center was because by the time I would get there (with the walk to the fitness center and back to our room), I probably already would have walked/ran about 1 mile…and would probably be dripping in sweat already, and to top it off all we were doing was walking around the parks and sweating all day every day. It was so hot and so humid out. I didn’t want to put my body through all of that and become dehydrated or even worse, a whiny tired girl in Disney World. 😉

I guess normally if I had not worked out once in a whole week, I would probably feel really gross, really lazy, and really down on myself. But guess what happened when I didn’t work out for a whole week? Nothing. I didn’t gain weight. I didn’t blow up like Violet in Willy Wonka.


And to be completely honest, I probably lost weight. I was walking so much. I was sweating so much. And even though I did miss running, and the thrill I get from running, I was fine. I didn’t need to get a workout in to be happy. My joy came from being with my husband, from being with my nephews, from getting to ride Thunder Mountain and Buzz Lightyear with my sister and riding Space Mountain with Michael, from skipping and singing in the Magic Kingdom, and from getting chills and teary eyed while watching the Happily Ever After fireworks at night.

And anyways, who goes to Disney World in the middle of July to stay inside the fitness center all morning? Apparently, not me…and you know what? That’s alright! 

Now tell me: Do you put pressure on yourself to workout everyday even when on vacation? Do you ever feel “lazy” when you aren’t moving around?

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