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There’s not enough coffee to keep me awake today…TOL #12

Hellooo! Happy Thursday to you! It’s time for me to join in on Amanda’s party to Think out Loud and share some random thoughts for the week! 🙂


  • This morning started with a great workout like any other morning around here. I ran 3.5 miles and walked on an incline for .5 making it a total of 4 miles while adding some intervals into the mix too!
  • I have been sleeping like crap. Which makes me one tired girl during the day. Honestly, I don’t think there is enough coffee to keep me feel awake today….
  • Mmmmm coffee.


  • Okay, can we just talk about Live with Kelly & Ryan for a second?! WTF guys, when is Kelly going to come back from vacation!? I mean, YES the lady needs a break and I’m all for a long vacation but I miss her and to tell you the truth the show kinda sucks without her. I do like Ryan, but he goes well with Kelly. And today was like we were takin’ it back to watching American Idol with Ryan & Randy. Kelly…come back to us!!!!! 😉
  • I finished reading The Fitness Junkie this past weekend (okay, I liked that book, but kind of lost interest towards the end…a little too drawn out in my opinion). Now I am already half way through Always by Sarah Jio. This book caught my eye on my Kindle recommendations list. Since I loved The Look of Love by this author, I figured this one would be a good one too. And, just as I suspected…it is! I always love when my Kindle recommends a good book, because half the time I end up not interested in it.


  • Studying for the NASM exam has been put on hold for a little with our trip and just me trying to get back into the swing of things. But, I am ready to crush it now. I have been studying a little here and there at work, and I’m not so overwhelmed with it all anymore, which is a good thing, right?!
  • I caught up on the latest episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County last night and honestly, I don’t like it anymore. This one used to be my all time favorite, but I am kind of getting sick of all of their drama. Did I really just say that?! I guess it takes me a little while to warm up to every season because these ladies are just beyond crazy.giphy.gif
  • Thankfully, the newest episode of The Real Housewives of New York City was on last night, so that saved the day after watching the disastrous Orange County. I absolutely love Bethenny and she is the main reason why I love RHONY so much. I would looooove to meet her one day. I mean, that would just be a blast!
  • I took Gio for ice cream again yesterday. I just love Auntie & Gio outings, and I think he does too. My sister told me that he was asking for me yesterday, and asking for some ice cream, so how could I say no to that? I just love that boy so much, and I can’t wait until Enzo is a bit older so I can take them both on these little fun outings! They fill my heart with so much happiness!
  • I am IN LOVE with my new Kate Spade Minnie bag!! It is so cute! I still haven’t taken it out of the tissue, but I wanted to peek at it to snap a photo 😉 I like to keep my bags all packaged up until I officially use it.


  • I so wish I was at the beach, it is so nice out!! I need the sunshine on my face! Anyone else stuck at work and wishing they could be laying outside?! Sighhh…I guess we can just dream.
  • I need a new planner. I used to be so obsessed with planners and would have like 5 for a whole year, but I kind of gave up on them last year because I just felt like my life wasn’t important or exciting enough and it was pretty much blank with the occasional doctors appointments and hair appointments. I guess there’s nothing great about seeing your boring blank life in a planner filled with nothing really exciting. But, that’s adult life I guess. I am going to get one soon and make some fun plans.

Alright, that’s enough randomness for one day!! Have a fantastic day, lovelies!! Xoxo

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