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Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy

Helllloooo! Happy Wednesday to you! We are half way through the week!

It is a beautiful day outside today, and I am hoping I get a chance to fit in a walk at the park later.

This morning started with a 15 minute ab workout, then an easy 3 mile run. I finished It’s Always The Husband while running…and I must say, the second half of the books was full of suspense and the ending completely surprised me. I am glad I kept reading, even though the first half wasn’t really keeping my interest. I started The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo, because I had the sample sitting in my Kindle list and figured to give it a whirl and start reading it. I will let you know how that one goes when I get further into it. 😉

Nothing too exciting has been happening over here. We had the cutest visitor at the store yesterday, which totally made my day! My sister brought him by to say hi to us. So cute!!!


Then of course, since Michael was at work, I headed over to my sister’s house to snuggle with Gio once I got out of work myself!  img_1487

Seriously, is there anything better than snuggles from your sweet nephews?!?

I may be planning a long weekend next month in Disney…but I am hesitant, because it will be a solo trip. A bunch of my Disbride friends are heading down there and I so want to go have a fun weekend with them! I don’t know what would be more fun than that! And besides, it would be really great for me! I can be a spontaneous chick and do something for myself, right?! 😉 But, why am I hesitant? This trip would be super quick, like 3 days. The idea of this is SO exciting and seems like SO much fun to me, but then there is also that instant rush of anxiety. The idea of flying alone scares the heck out of me. You all might know by now that I am NOT good at flying even with Michael, so I can’t even imagine what it would be like without him. But, there is also a side of me that is saying “I can do this”. And also, not only CAN I do this….I NEED to do this. All day yesterday I was going back and forth from almost booking my flights and room, to Xing out of the flights and backing out. What is stopping me? Simply the thought of flying alone. It’s me being scared of the unknown that has me all nervous and causing my armpits to sweat just thinking about it. But, can you imagine how excited and happy and PROUD I will be if I can actually do it? I have yet to book. But I really want to. I can’t let fear or anxiety stop me. So, this girl will be praying for some courage to just DO IT because it will for sure make me happy!


I hope you all have a wonderful day! Xoxo

2 thoughts on “Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy

  1. I flew alone for the first time last year and it was also to Disney. I was meeting my sister down there and was so nervous about flying by myself – but, I would say, if you have to go alone, going to Disney is the way to go because you are familiar with the process and transportation and Disney takes care of everything else. I don’t know your personal struggles with flying, but it did make me feel better to know all I had to do was put on my Magic Band and everything else would work out fine. I also met people in the airport on my flight also going to Disney so if you’re wearing your Magic Band or a Disney shirt it makes you a little more approachable to adorable kids going on their first trip that have the same Magic Band as you or something and then talking to the parents may make you feel less alone. I enjoyed spotting the other people going to Disney just by what they were wearing or the luggage they were carrying. It could take your mind off of being alone because you’re a part of a larger community of people.

    1. Yes! I agree, going to Disney alone probably is much easier than any place else especially with the Disney transportation! Thanks so much for the encouragement! Xoxo

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