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It’s starting to feel like fall

Good morning and Happy Monday to you!!! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, I meant to pop in with a blog post yesterday, but I guess the weekend got the best of me and I didn’t get to it! Have no fear, I am here ready to share about my weekend.

Saturday after work, Michael & I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went to Wachusett Reservoir. He brought his fishing pole and we stayed for a little bit. It is absolutely beautiful there, and it actually was my first time ever visiting this place, not just driving by.


We were excited for the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight. Since Michael had on his TMT hat, it was only natural I would wear my tiara around the house that night. I didn’t actually watch the big fight ..we were going to buy it, but then Michael went to watch it at his friend’s house last minute…while I happily fell asleep around 11 😉 No shame people, no shame!


Yesterday was another beautiful day! After my workout, I sipped my Dunkin’ coffee a little slower and watched Joel Osteen to get my day started!


I went to the grocery store with my Dad, and while there I picked up some goodies to make Gio almost-birthday cupcakes! (I must say, i cannot believe he is going to be 4 on Wednesday! Time flies!!!) Once I got home, I put some Disney music on, and got to bakin’ those babies. I sprinkled extra sprinkles on them for my boo, and baked them with all my love!

Of course, once they were done I had to bring them over my sister’s house so I could surprise Gio! (And Enzo too!) They had cupcake faces, and it was so cute. Nom nom nom! They love cupcakes, and I love those boys!

I hung around my parents’ house in the afternoon, enjoyed some outdoor time sitting on their deck in the sunshine. Then the rest of the night was spent watching Hallmark Channel Movies. I love every single movie on that network, they are all feel good movies that make me cheese and get all giddy like a loser. My parents actually visited last night, and my Dad scared the crap out of me because I didn’t know someone was knocking on my door…so he decided to bang on my window. Yup, I screamed! Hahaha. It was so nice having them over 🙂

Today started with a workout; I did a 30 minute cardio & abs workout, then hopped on the treadmill for an easy 30 minute incline run/walk. I finished reading The Light We Lost, which had me bawling my eyes out in the end. Now I must find a new book to tackle!

The air is changing and it’s pretty much been in the high 60’s-low 70’s around here, it totally feels like fall is here and I don’t like it one bit 🙁 I mean, I do like fall for APPLES (mr favorite food, duh), apple picking, fall scented candles, and the thought of being all cozy in my heated blanket, but other than that nothing good comes after fall…just SNOW.  🙁 So, I am going to soak up this last week and last weekend of summer, and get back to dreamin’ of summer and warm sunshine.

Once again, I am not watching my favorite show, Live with Kelly and Ryan. I am still upset that they have such awful cohosts on the show ever since Ryan has been on. Kim Kardashian West is the cohost again this morning, and after putting my thoughts all over their Facebook page, I am boycotting that show, and just waiting until Kelly comes back on. I get it is summer, and most shows will have a “new season” come September, but come on!! This show is getting worse and worse. Kelly, COME BACK!!

Anyways, I don’t know what’s up for today, but I do know that Michael and I need to go buy Gio some birthday presents! That kid has every single toy you could imagine, so I don’t even know what to get him. He got a “puter” (which is a computer, but he calls it a puter, in the most sweetest voice ever) this weekend, and is all excited about that. I can see us now…walking around aimlessly in Toys R Us aisles trying to find something he doesn’t already have, lol. I’m thinking of getting him some new DVD’s and books too!

Alright, well I think I am going to paint my toes since they have been naked for two weeks now. (Yuck!) I hope you all have a great day!! Xoxo

Before publishing this post, I must say I am completely devastated by Hurricane Harvey, and it’s destructive impact on Houston. Everyone in that area has been and continues to be in my thoughts and prayers!! ♥

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