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First day of September

Hellllooooo beautiful people!

Happy FRIDAY!! Woohoo! And happy first day of September!! I know I keep saying it but I can’t believe summer is over. It is 54 degrees outside this morning. 54!! It is CHILLY!!!!! (And I don’t like it one bit)Hello-September-Month-Images.jpg

I am very happy it is a 4 day weekend ahead! Michael is working for pretty much most of it, but Sunday is our 13 year dating anniversary so we will be celebrating that on Monday! Can you believe we have been together for 13 years?! Since 8th grade to be exact! I don’t know what else is up for this weekend, but I’m sure I’ll sneak in plenty of time with my nephews 😉 Oh, and I do need to go shopping for our upcoming mini Disney getaway! THAT IS IN 2 WEEKS!! I need to find Halloween costumes for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! I still have yet to do that even though I began talking about it like last week…see, I am such a procrastinator. 

Last night was spent catching up on Real Housewives of New York City, and Real Housewives of Orange County. Ok, guys, I still can’t get into RHOC. I don’t know what it is, but it really isn’t my cup of tea this season. I am so bored with it. Anyone else feel this way?! To avoid feeling “lazy”, during every commercial break, I did a mix of jumping jacks, push ups, planks, crunches, and high knees. I guess I feel “lazy” whenever Michael isn’t home and I am just laying on the couch by myself watching tv. Haha.

This morning I woke up with a scratchy throat, hopefully that doesn’t mean I am getting a cold or something. If so, I am blaming the stupid weather. It’s chilly one day and then warm the next…make up your mind mother nature. I am already on my third water bottle as I am typing this, having chugged one right when I woke up, had two while working out, and drinking one now. Speaking of my work out, I ran 4 miles with some intervals in there. Hopefully drinking ALL THE WATER will cure this thing with my throat!


LOL! 😉

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday…and a wonderful weekend!! Xoxo

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