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Rainy, sick day

Happy Sunday! I hope the weekend is treating you well.

I’ve been down for the count this weekend, my friends. You know how I mentioned my throat was a little scratchy? Well, it turned into a full blown sore throat (maybe strep throat?). Friday night I looked in my throat before bed and saw all types of nasty in there. So of course, being the crazy person I am…I got on the internet and searched my symptoms and was convinced I was dying. With my mind running wild and not being able to swallow, I tossed and turned until I finally got up to take my temperature around 12am-only to find that I had a fever. Gahh!!!! Luckily, I keep some antibiotics in the house for times like these so I decided to pop one in and pray that it heals my throat in no time. I finally ended up falling asleep a little past 3am. Totally not normal. And so of course, I was awake at 6am in agony, not being able to swallow or function. Because of this, I took a day off from running/working out. As much as I HATE having a day of literally no activity, I needed it. I listened to my body and didn’t push myself, because then I probably would have felt even worse.

Since I was pretty much home for the whole day by myself (Michael was working), besides hanging out at my parents’ house and going to Starbucks for a hot green tea, I watched the Hallmark Movie Channel all day long. I even took a nap in the afternoon, which is not the norm around here.

Luckily, I slept much better last night and woke up feeling a bit better than yesterday. I didn’t want to push my body to an intense workout, but I didn’t want to do nothing again like yesterday, so I walked on an incline for 40 minutes and called it a day. I totally forgot to mention the other day that I started reading Wish You Were Here by Renee Carlino, and finished it this morning. It was a quick read, and it wasn’t that bad either. Totally sad at times, but kept me interested the whole entire book!

It is a very yucky day out today, as it is raining and is just so gloomy. I guess it is a good day to feel like crap, right?! I am happily going to lay on the couch and watch Hallmark movies for pretty much the whole day again. I am hoping I start to feel like myself by tomorrow, and hoping this sore throat goes away too!! It totally sucks and I am not really hungry either. Just feel so crappy. Blah.

Today is a very special day though, today is Michael & I’s 13 year dating anniversary! 🙂 Hopefully we get to celebrate together tomorrow.

I hope you are all having a great weekend!! Xoxo

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