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Let’s play catch up…

Good morning and Happy Wednesday to you!!

Long time no chat, huh?! Sorry about that. I’ve been meaning to write a blog post but didn’t get around to it. That sickness I talked about last time I popped in here, well yeah, that STILL hasn’t gone away. It’s more like a sinus infection and cough now and no longer a throat thing. Pretty annoying. I even still have a low fever. What is going on?!? Since I’ve been MIA, let’s play catch up!

How was everyone’s Labor Day? Mine was pretty low key, as you can imagine. I actually had a bonus day off yesterday too! It was a super long weekend over here!

To be honest, the past couple of days have looked a lot like this:img_1607

…a bunch of sleepless nights due to a stuffed nose and coughing fits, and lots of resting on the couch. (While catching up on some great shows, of course!)

Besides the lazying around I did these past couple of days, Michael and I did get to go to the mall on Monday. It wasn’t a very long shopping trip and I didn’t really buy anything, due to the fact that I felt weak and winded just by walking around there, but it was still a fun time. I did however, buy some new pretty headbands from Francescas. 🙂 Let’s be real, I was just happy to  be out of the house!img_1577

Yesterday was a VERY eventful and busy day around here!! It was Gio’s first day of preschool and I tagged along with my sister and brother in law (and Enzo) for drop off and pick up!! Gio is such a big boy, I can’t believe he is already in preschool!

He said he had a great day. We are so proud of him!!! He even made a new friend! Celebratory donut after his first day of Preschool was a must!!

I had an interview with a local elementary school for a substitute position. (Surprise!) I know I haven’t mentioned it that much on the blog, but I do miss teaching and being around kiddos! This will be a completely new experience for me though, I have never subbed before…and I have never actually taught in a PUBLIC school. I am pretty excited about it, but also so nervous!! I am actually starting TOMORROW! I will still be working at the store with my Mama on days that I am not subbing, which works out because it will be like the best of both worlds! Now, if I could just get rid of this sickness….that would be fannnnnntastic! 

With yesterday being such a busy day, I didn’t even get a chance to tune into Live with Kelly and Ryan. It is supposed to finally be LIVE and a new season, and here is the best part: KELLY is back! Woo hoo! Happy dance!! With this new subbing position, I won’t be able to watch it every day like I normally do, but I can always DVR it 😉

Michael & I watched Rough Night last night before bed, and let me tell you..it was funny! I actually really liked it and surprisingly stayed up for the whole movie. (Anything past 9:30 and I am usually out like a light, my friends) Actually, I couldn’t fall asleep last night, or stay asleep for that matter. Did I already say that this stupid sickness has GOT TO GO!?!


Despite my lack of sleep last night and feeling like crap this morning, I walked on an incline for 40 minutes once I rolled out of bed. I also did some ab exercises to complete my workout and called it a day. I know I would feel worse if I just didn’t get in any workout, so I wanted to do something rather than just lay in bed wide awake being sorry for myself that I am sick..you know what I mean?!

Guys, we are 9 days away from our little Disney getaway, and I am kind of freaking out about Hurricane Irma. I am praying it doesn’t hit any of the US, but I am also praying it is gone by the time we are ready to leave in a week. Ugh, hurricane season. Stay safe everyone!!!

My mind is a bit frantic thinking of all the CLOTHES I need to buy…like I need to go do that now. I’ve been wearing my leggings and sweatshirts to work and that totally isn’t teacher acceptable. I’ll probably hit up Old Navy later today and buy ALL THE CLOTHES!

I guess I’m all over the place today, as you can tell in this post. I think this sickness is getting to my brain hahaha 😉

I hope you all have a great hump day! Xoxo

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