Lots of snuggles & playtime

Hey everyone! Happy Monday to you!!

Today is a very important day, as we remember the horrific and sad events that happened 16 years ago on September 11. It is a day that has forever changed our country, and it is truly a day that we will never forget. I want to take time to remember all of those who lost their lives, those who are heroes and those who put their lives in danger to help others, you are all in my thoughts and prayers. We will never forget. ♥

My weekend was pretty much the same as every other weekend around here. Michael had to work doubles every. single. day. so I was solo all weekend long.

I want to back up to Friday and share all about my full day of subbing! Eeeek!! Let me just tell you, I was glad to be walking out of that school at 3:15 when all of the students were out of my classroom…alive. For the first couple hours of the morning I was in a first grade classroom, which in my opinion, was a very well behaved and polite class! It was truly a pleasure and fun for me. Then I was in a third grade classroom for the rest of the day. Now, I think of third grade and say to myself “not so bad”, right?! Well, hold up there one minute little lady. These third graders are NOT not so bad and they WILL test you, play you, push your buttons, hide from you, lie to you, and just walk out of the classroom whenever they feel like it. OMG. But, believe it or not, I did it. I handled that classroom well and even though I was very intimidated by them at first, I made it known that I can be louder than them. Hahaha. Oh the joys of teaching 😉

Once I was done working at the school, I went to the store to help my mom close up, then went to my sister’s house to play with my nephews. I ended up coming home a little later on, ate dinner, then headed back over there since nothin’ was happening over here, I figured why not hangout with them a little more?! My parents were babysitting so we had lots and lots of playtime, or more like a running spree. 😉

Saturday I worked at the store with my Mama, then of course, went over my sister’s house. If you couldn’t already tell, pretty much if Michael is working or not home, I am at my sister’s house. 😉

We had lots of fun playing, laughing, and snuggling. 🙂

Sunday I went to the grocery store with my Daddy, then headed back over to my sister’s house for some Sunday morning selfies and snuggles with my booboo’s!!img_1626

After that, I went to run some errands with my Mama, came home to pack up Michael’s food for work, and then headed back over to my sister’s house mid-afternoon to take Gio to Toys r Us! He got some action figure from Ben 10, which he was super excited about! We also got Enzo a little Baymax action figure. It was a great Auntie & Gio outing!!

I hung out over there for a little while longer, then came home… ate dinner, watched a Hallmark movie, got in a bodyweight cardio workout (I told you before that I feel super lazy when I am home alone watching tv or movies all night long..I must move around), watched 90 Day Fiance, and called it a night. Yes, super night owl over here 😉

I was super anxious, nervous, and scared for all of my friends in Florida during this nasty Hurricane. ALL of you in the path of Hurricane Irma are in my thoughts and prayers, this thing is no joke. I couldn’t stop watching the news and couldn’t stop thinking about it all weekend long, especially yesterday. I woke up around 3 am last night panicking and browsing through Facebook for some updates, and luckily some friends were posting they were still safe but heard lots and lots of loud noises from outside. I can’t even imagine what that must be like. My family & I were in a hurricane back when we were visiting my sister when she lived in Florida years and years ago. I can’t even remember what year it was. All I remember is that it sounded like a train was coming through our slider door in our hotel room (we were staying at the Delray Beach Marriott Residence Inn at the time) and we all booked it downstairs in the lobby to huddle against the walls. Super scary, but nothing like this hurricane happening now. And to top it off, the thought that we are supposed to fly down to Disney on Friday morning has me super anxious as well. I am not sure what that other hurricane, Jose, will be doing later this week, and not even sure if Hurricane Irma will still be in our path down to Florida. Right now I am just trying not to stress about it and go on with it like we are going and all is good. However, it is pretty hard when seeing all of the devastation and disaster all around Florida caused by Irma. Praying!!

Each day this weekend involved a 3-4 mile run, and today looked like this: first was a 20 minute bodyweight workout which involved lots of ab work, then a 35 minute run on my treadmill, which ended up being around 3.5 miles. Wooooo!

 Currently, I am sipping on my DD coffee while watching Live with Kelly and Ryan. The workers at Dunkin’ were feeling extra encouraging today and wrote a little message on my coffee! I love when they do that! 🙂img_1634-1

I am unsure of what is on the agenda for today, my friends, but I do know that I am going with my sister to pick up Gio from school in a couple hours! 🙂 I am hoping Michael and I will get some things done that need to be done before our mini Disney trip, which is 4 days away! (Like get those halloween costumes that we still have yet to get) 

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! Let’s start this week off in a great way! Xoxo

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